Monday, February 9, 2009

happy new tree!

'man is a tree of the field'
and today we are celebrating the new year of the trees. i find it beautiful to acknowledge the importance of trees. trees give fruit. they give shade. they produce oxygen. they make rain.

so, one of the best things we can do in life is to plant trees. trees are investments. (i've said it before, i say it again)

i might just go and hug one now.


Yaelian said...

Jag älskar Tu Bishvat och tanken bakom det.
"One of the ways to walk in God’s path is to plant trees. Each tree is home to birds, insects, other plants and organisms and many animals. A tree is a world to itself. With each tree that we plant, we are essentially saving a world. Thus, we see Tu B’shvat as a holiday of repairing the world"

sarapirat said...

yaelian, så sant som det är sagt...och idag regnar det! jippie..