Sunday, February 1, 2009


a few of the best things i did in 2008 where these:

* i stopped smoking ciggarettes

* i started using the mooncup

* i became more empowered reading about fertility awareness, and how much you can do yourself for your body to feel good. or at least better.

* i joined a group of 'community supported agriculture' which delivers organic, locally produced and yummie veggies once a week.

for this year, i have a few abstract and concrete plans as well. i won't write them down yet.
and, when i asked my dear friend els if she has any new years resolutions she told me this:

' to enjoy life even more'
(seems like a good start)


Yaelian said...

Bra beslut, Sarapirat.Jag slutade också röka 2 år sedan. Och det regnade äntligen idag här också :-)

Anonymous said...

Mooie dame ik begon bijna te huilen, toen je mijn voornemen nam als voorbeeld. Smak x tig Els