Friday, February 27, 2009

entertainment for a rainy day

it is rainy stormy weather here. we are sitting next to the fireplace all day. even the neighborhood dogs moved inside with us. a perfect day to watch a movie. we are planning to see waltz with bashir or encounters at the end of the world.

here a few of my favorite movies, for those who are lacking inspiration of what to see:

1. citizen dog, which is a thai movie and therefore not very easy to find. im still hoping to download it one day. it has a similar feel to it like amelie from montmartre. but then in an asian version…

2. code 46 made me cry a few times already. science fiction (but without the emphasize on science) with a love story, kinda.

3. after i saw into the wild i was preoccupied for at least a week after with its content. based on a true story. reminded me that we know very little of real survival…

4. breaking the waves should definitely be avoided when one is depressed (i guess this counts for most of trier’s movies). how they managed to fit so much drama into a few hours of a movie is quite impressive.

if anyone feels like recommending me a few good movies, id be very happy to hear!


Anonymous said...

Goh, wat zijn onze smaken gelijk.Ik vond code 46 ook prachtig en breaking the waves ook prachtig en die anderen, die er staan kan ik me nu niet zo snel op de anderen komen.
Ik ga op zoek naar Citizen Dog 4 je. Liefs Els

sarapirat said...

ja, zusen gewoon!!!
dikke zoen els!