Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i think the potassium is working! i can handle my period much better these last two times. another hot tip, is to massage above the achilles, when there is wave of pain. this helps instantly.

still, two morning performances in this condition wasn't easy.

i deserve to eat a lot of chocolate now.

a few nights ago, brushing my teeth and listening to music

just out of bed. that is why i can't make sharp pictures.

my hair looks like horsehair in macro

obsessed about rain. can we have some more, please?

sweethearts in the bus

i love yukos outfit!

hm, which side of the table is mine???


fröken L said...

Du skulle ha varit på vår föreläsning om alternativmedicin för ett par veckor sedan...

sarapirat said...

vadå, får alternativmedicinen sammanfattast i EN ENDA föreläsning? alltihop på en och samma gång?

(lärde du dig något intressant?)