Sunday, December 14, 2008

cabin fever

today is the perfect day to wear a kimono and to enjoy a little japanese tea *read coffee* party

why to spend a fortune on organic deodorants that hardly do the job, when baking soda is the shit?? it is worth trying!

something going on in the backyard? (this was my lucia outfit. white! with the exception of a few lost butterflies)

this might look scary, but it is my very tasty borsjtj soup.

today, i am in desperate need of a little adventure. i can't stay at home one more day. i am loosing track of time, pulling my hair, scratching my belly button.

wish me luck!


miri said...

sådana tjusiga bilder. härligt stämningsfulla, jag älskar bilden där du tittar ut. superfin klänning.

sarapirat said...

tusen tack miri,
klänningen är ett fynd från min kära mammas garderob...