Friday, December 19, 2008

look what i found

those i got in a 'give and take' market. this woman wanted to swap a bag of my freshly baked pastries with something of hers. i couldn't find anything of interest. but she insisted i'd take these glasses.

those are not so funny.

i found this pair on a queens day flea market in rotterdam

bought those for a few dollars by a street vendor in new york. goes well with the silly face.

i am feeling well again! i woke up this morning at 7.30 (!!), and since then i managed to clean my house, hang a few humble christmas decorations, shake my carpets, fetch the laundry, visit 'pappersinsamlingen', buy all the necessary ingredients for lussebullar, take stupid pictures of sunglasses and dance around my living room.
now, i am planning to sew a little wallet for a friend. and eat some crackers with marmalade.


Jael said...

Det är ju trevligt att du redan mår bättre:-) Vilka roliga solglasögon, vad för slags kakor bytte du dom med? Och gör du ofta lussebullor, jag har aldrig bakat dem men de ser så jättegoda ut! Bambi är en pojke, 8 månader gammal, tack för komplimangen:-)

anna said...

de gjorde sig väl bra i samlingen, de gula (?) brillorna! så skönt att du mår bra och är pigg igen, vi hörs snart, puss!