Sunday, December 21, 2008

there goes another weekend

no rain in sight...

i made tasty and easy oatmeal cookies

and had a few more dog moments.

and i fed some goats.

and here they are!!! my precious... saffrons yellow has to be one of the most beautiful colors i know.

i also wasted a whole pot of fudge yesterday, due to multitasking... it smelt like burned car tires for hours in my house.
this week we are giving workshops and performing three times in eilat. i have never been to eilat, but somehow i am not that thrilled about it. id rather stay around the olive trees and the mountains for christmas. this very biblical landscape might bring out the best of my christmas spirits.
instead, i will walk around with a grumpy face while teaching 70-80 hormonal teenagers.

merry christmas


Yaelian said...

Dina safranbullor ser så goda ut, mums!

Eilat kan vara en trevlig stad, fast jag förstår nog att norra Israel kan vara bättre just under helgetiden. Önskar dig en god jul!

fru A said...

hurra, lussebullar at last!!!