Sunday, August 12, 2012

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lubiabuttersquashmr avocadosabres

~a black eyed pea that spontaneously started growing next to the front door, the one which is never locked~ the edge of a butternut squash~Mr.Avocado in revival, do you remember him? Look here&here~ peel of prickly pears which require a special mission to pluck (avoiding their tiny, tiny thorns)

right understanding, right thoughts, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. i am reading buddhist teachings, trying and practicing to incorporate in action and to leave a lot of the theorizing behind for now.  

p.s: listen to this, a record player translating the the rings in a piece of wood into music, wow!


Iris Vank said...

Klinkt bijzonder, die gewassen, vooral de prikkende peer. Fijne zen-zondag!

Seraphina Theresa said...

I like this pictures! (:

annika said...

Wow var ordet! Du är en mästare på att hitta coola små filmer!

nathalie et cetera said...

superb series again! and I love the link too!

Anikó said...

the bean shoots picture is soooo nice - are you sure they are black eyed peas and not magic bean stalks? they look just like the ones in the fairytale! :)

I am blown away by the wood slice record player - I'm going to have to blog about them on WoodlandHood - I will give you a nod in the post of course - THANK YOU for the link! One of my favourite things about the 'blogosphere' is moments of discovery like that!

have you finished the jam making? I have the redcurrants to cook into different kind of jams tomorrow - big day! x

martita said...

dear sarita! i'm back in madrid after some holidays!! it is always sooo nice to come back after being without a laptop for two weeks and thinking i will read all your inspiring posts!!
i was at the sea and now i feel i regained energy. i'm also reading buddhist teachings, what a coincidence!! :)
i read this and thought about you:, it's from one of my favourite poets, Eduardo Galeano, he comes from Uruguay (my father lived there for long time so i love that country). Besos guapa!! Love and peace to you!!

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

Otroliga bilder av små fina detaljer. Ja snart kommer ju du till Sverige. Kan tänka mig att det kan kännas härligt att komma hem en stund? Tråkigt nog så kommer jag inte jobba i antikaffären i Dannemora i september, annars hade det ju varit så fint att fika där tillsammans. Kram

Merel said...

de schoonheid van de natuur. In beelden en geluid. Wist nie dat bomen zo mooi klonken! Echt, prachtige link, Sara.

Marieke said...

Wat een kunstige foto's!

demie said...

I wish I could follow the right breathing ( at least! )
maybe the music you have found will help?

lots of love xoxoxo

La Dolce Vita said...

Lovely photographs, I love the tender green leaves in the third photo, beautifully captured. And the spontaneous growth of the black eyed pea put a smile on my face as I started remembering my childhood when I had to grow a gram /lentil plant within 14 days as a school project and my plant was similar to yours in look and growth{although mine was gram and yours is a black eyed pea}:))
I did not understand the second photograph though, what is it exactly ?
Anyway, thanks Sara for visiting my blog. It is very kind of you to teach me recipes. You can start with the Israeli/middle eastern dishes.You can mail me the recipes in my email id. My mail id is :

I will reply back as soon as I get your mail.
Have a nice day !

Patrice A. said...

wat prachtig
die muziek van
de jaarringen
van bomen

gisteren genoot ik van
een bijzondere avond
ik keek meer dan 3 uur tv
naar een interview met
Lidewij Edelkoort
jouw link en afbeeldingen
passen daar zo mooi bij
een cadeau!


sarapirat said...

iris, en fijne zen-wat voor dag is het vandag? dinsdag! liefs

saphia...thank you! like yours too...

annika, visst ar det vackert?

nathalie, thank you very much!

aniko, funny someone else mentioned the magic bean stalks but i never read it, the book i mean, did you? i agree with you, inspiration and sharing of the inspiration is a big part of blogworld. i finished the jam making but will probably start another session since i plucked some very tasty figs last night! redcurrants is yummy, also reminds me of childhood, how about redcurrant juice? xx.

martita, sounds lovely, i hope you will be back on the blog soon cause i have missed you. i am going to the beach today too, to sleep there. ahhh...what buddhist teachings are you reading, or which book? i try to meditate every morning, and i signed in for a course in dharma that will start in october! excited! your link is amazing! i read it and feel so touched by his words. now i am listening to the spanish, without reading, just to hear the music of the language when knowing the context! thank you very much for this! ♥

sara, i dannemora~! har du borjat jobba??studera??igen i september? vi kan ju alltid fika i uppsala om vi vill! kram

merel, dankjewel, ik was helemal onder indruk daarvan! liefs

marieke, dankjewel! ♥

demie, maybe? that would be great if it could...but breathing is just happening, on its own. that is the beautiful thing about it...we just need to let it be. and on the other hand pay attention to it at other times.

la dolce vita, sounds like a nice school project! did it work out? the second picture is the edge of a butternut squash, look here:
i will go to the beach for a few days, hopefully i can make a recipe before and if not i will get back on that! love!

patrice, ik ga lidewij edelkoort googelen, nooit van gehoort, spannend! fijne dag wens ik jou, ik ga nu foccacias bakken en vijgen jam koken! liefs♥