Friday, August 10, 2012

donkey dream


my neighbors packed their bags and loaded three donkeys, collected their three children and some friends and went for a walking vacation. maybe i will reconsider my dream of a camper and get a donkey instead? at least i won’t need a drivers license.

oh, and yesterday i realized that i do not own a key to my front door. my house is always open. quite a liberating thought.

p.s ..and my laptop wasn’t stolen here




Yaelian said...

vilken söt åsna.Var en gång på semester i Bonaire(då när jag bodde i Venezuela) och där fanns en donkey sanctuary.
Är tillbaka här i hettan igen!

La Dolce Vita said...

Nice picture !
In our country, when people go for trekking in the hills, they take donkeys or horses with them as carriers.
An open house-such a liberating idea, but for us it is next to impossible because of the lock system. We have only one front door and it gets automatically locked when we shut it from the inside or outside and can be only opened with keys.
have a great weekend !

Monica said...

we used to keep our front door unlocked at night, whilst living in Montenegro... but even there it has changed....
there IS a great liberation in it.

barbarabeesblog said...

Cute Donkey and a very romantic way to go on vacation - not if you need to go by Autobahn and on a public camping place, when your vehicle goes to your neighbours in the search for food - I guess you'd have a very communicative holiday!

nathalie et cetera said...

Oh my! To me, this is from another age! How fantastic! I wish I could do that here but I doubt it is possible. I don't even think that there is horse back riding/camping. But maybe I am wrong.

I live in the city. When I was in my twenties, I was living on a busy street and we never locked the door. One rainy day, my roommate found a man sleeping on the couch. The man asked to sleep a little bit more saying he was exhausted. When he woke up, my roommate made him a sandwich. After his lunch, the guy left and never came back.

annika said...

Men så underbart det låter! Undrar hur långt jag skulle komma och jag bara promenerade iväg en semester :) Kram min vän!

Elle said...

Waw! here we love donkeys too!
The idea of the beginnng of the imaginary letter is maturing...
But where are u living to let open your door.?..I was dreaming about that when I came back from Laos where everybody let the door completly open!
Rendez-vous soon on your mail ;-)

till-vidas-ara said...

så underbart. det känns som du lever och ser med nya ögon, tyckte om dina ord här. bara att ha en åsna :)..och aldrig låsa..känns som vi behöver bli friare. har känt mig så jag med de senaste dagarna..så fri och så mycket överflöd av allt som kommer till en när ens sinnen är öppna. underbart! och det är hösten. ger mig så ofta ny energi när den närmar sig. är du också sån? och mjölka getter och samla ägg..kanske vi skulle adoptera några höns har jag tänkt. så himla bra med hönsgödsel också, för blommorna då :)))
mailar dig imorgon.., mu är klcokan 1 på natten, oops..

kramar Lycke

Lilli said...

I love to walk and has ever wanted to go on a pilgrim journey. I might bring a donkey if I ever go.

I do remember unlocked doors, sadly that was a long time ago.


sarapirat said...

yaelian, visst ar han? vad ar ett donkey sanctury? later spannande! skont att vara tillbaka?

la dolce vita, lock system sounds impressive! i guess living in a big city and maybe in a big city in india gives completely different conditions... and now, a great week! :)

monica, yes, here it is only cause we are in a kibbutz, surrounded by neighbors all day long. at my parents house in sweden we also used to leave it open, but i think they do not do that anymore.

barbara, hahaha! well that would be funny indeed! poor donkey on the autobahn!

nathalie, and i imagine you have so much nature around you...but still also here it is not the mainstream way of vacationing of course. i love this story of yours! fantastic! it deserves a post!

annika, eller cykelsemester?! det vore nagot det med! sa nara naturen....kramar

elle, oh i am excited! lets see~ i live in a kibbutz (That is why there are enough people around all the time) in the north of israel...i can see lebanon from the back. i dream of going there. a tout a lheure! or how does one spell that? :)

lycke, harligt det later, med oppna sinnen, och sant som du skriver, sa mycket man tar in nar dom ar oppna. fint! levande! hosten ar annu ganksa langt borta har, men kanner anda ett svep av energi. spannande att folja arstiderna och se hur dom paverkar oss, eller hur?! ja, adoptera hons, dom ar toppen. dessutom kan man ge dom de mesta fran komposten och sen tar dom hand om att 'ploja' upp tradgardslandet och att godlsa. vilket system! kramar
p.s ser fram emot mail! ♥

lilli, a pilgrim journey, i think that would be amazing. here many people do israel by foot. i hope to do it too one day. or sweden by foot for that matter...♥

Yaelian said...

martita said...

i loved the idea of an open-house. I didn't have that experience yet, but it is one thing i definitely want to experience in the future!!