Friday, August 17, 2012

postcards from the beach

maayanseashellsdavid in the zula

not used to small cameras anymore. i feel somewhat funny with the little canon ixus (as seen on the header) after a few years of mainly using my somewhat heavy baby SLR. but who wants sand in the camera house?

spent some wonderful hot days on the beach. the sea has a calming yet very intense effect, stirs up lots of energy and emotions. i am counting down the busy days until i go to sweden. enjoy your weekend folks!


anna said...

puss och hoppas vi hörs ikväll

Yaelian said...

Vilken gullig bild av bebisen:) ha en riktig bra resa i Sverige!

La Dolce Vita said...

Beautiful pictures ! Lovely girl in the first photo,love how the wind is playing with her hair ! And the second photograph is very creative, so many sea shells ! The third photograph is sooooo cuteeeee, I love baby's back !!!:))

Helena said...

vilka härligt somriga bilder! och den där lilla bebisrumpan är ju bara för ljuvligt söt! stora kramar till dej

till-vidas-ara said...

hej kära! vilka fantastiska snäckor. vaför finns inte de på vår strand, eller eremitkräftor..så kul! dippade lite. måste maila dig snart. förstår inte varför jag rusar så mycket..

kramar en fredag..Lycke

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
your photos are very moody to me. The pretty girl with wind in her hair... Those shells of cockle makes me palpable them.
And sweet baby...!
Calming athmosphere at the beach.

Sweden is calling?


(PS. You've asked me what I am selling there, in my shop? I have no shop, maybe you has taken me by wonderful Patrice?)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Ahh, the 'butik'
I see

Pancakes... lekker

Kiss and hugs

Nanna said...

Tusen tack för din fina kommentar inne hos mig. Gör mig så glad... Ser väldigt fint ut här hos dig. Ska titta runt! Hoppas du har en fin lördag.
Kram Nanna så fint jag vill

objects of whimsy said...

wonderful images Sara

a sight for sore eyes as they say its freezing cold and grey at the moment in Melbourne.
Cant wait for the blue skies and sunshine

Helen :)

PS: I know what you mean about small cameras I love my heavy ol Canon 20D still delivers fantastic images.

sarapirat said...

anna, pusssss! ♥

yaelian, ja har ar verkligen go!

la dolce vita,thank you dear! he is a sweety this boy, all white and slightly red head. do you go to the sea sometimes?

helena, hej du! du ar gift~!wowwowwow, det ar helt fantastiskt! roligt att hora av dig, varma kramar

lycke, jag kan skicka dig nagra snackor att stro pa stranden :) rusar pa ett bra satt? eller kanner du dig stressad? kramar

ariane, dear woman of the north, sweden is calling, the north is calling. interesting how i always feel torn between wanting to stay long there but not to miss out on life here. strange contrasts. hugs and kiss to you

nanna, hej och valkommen,tack for dina ord, roligt att du kom forbi! kram

objects of whimsy/helen, hey! and welcome~! so nice to see you here, i have seen you around. :) would love to see melbourne in the winter. well, melbourne all together...hear such great things about that city! hold on, summer is on its way...

barbarabeesblog said...

Love your pic dear viking you doing well even with a small camera!
Heia Sweden! Greetings to your lovely parents.
viking sister bb

Chrissy said...

These pictures are glorious! I love it when I stumble onto such husband's family lives in Sweden. We just booked our tickets for three weeks in next summer! I am just giddy about it! Have a wonderful trip...I'll be checking back for some beautiful pictures:)

fröken L said...

Åh, den där bebisrumpan!!!...
Längtar så efter att du kommer hem!
Pussar, kramar och kärlek!

fröken L said...

Åh, den där bebisrumpan!!!...
Längtar så efter att du kommer hem!
Pussar, kramar och kärlek!

outi said...

and i have lost my touch for my big camera. carrying both, the baby and the big camera just doesn´t really fit at the moment;)

we missed our boat to Stockholm, tra la la! i mixed up the dates. so, we go there in the beginning of september, only for a day, but still. it´s a little trip anyway:)
i wonder where are you then..?