Saturday, August 4, 2012

oh yes do that dance thing

dani 1dani 3dani 2dani 4dani 5  

fooling around in the studio on a humid and tired day.

have you guys seen the documentary ‘the grizzly man’? extremely fascinating!

here a few other good documentaries from the past years: born into brothelswaste land & no impact man. do you have some interesting documentaries to recommend me?




Lilli said...

Fooling around is something one can't do too often.
Hm, yes, The Grizzly Man, fascinating and quite surreal - but that's maybe because I can not imagine being in his shoes.
My most loved documentary ever is Baraka; stunningly beautiful in every aspect; beautiful, thought-provkcing and heartbreaking.
If you haven't already seen it, I think you would like to.

Lilli said...

Obviously I can't write 'thought-provoking'. But that's maybe a good thing because it made me think of two Swedish documentaries
which are both lovely and a bit quirky, 'Gubben i Stugan' and 'Hugo & Rosa'.

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

definitley "the woodmans". inspiring documentary about the family of photographer francesca woodman.

Anikó said...

oh, the Grizzly Man haunts me ever since I watched it...intense stuff! But it was good, and Baraka is definitely good, one of my favourites with a nice soundtrack featuring a Dead Can Dance.

We've recently watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi - it's a documentary about a sushi master and his life-long work of artful food. I loved it, and I recommend it.

Also Dirt! The movie - it's about the human relationship with the giving earth, and about the movement of preserving it and spreading the right farming practices. It might sound boring, but it's not! It's a fun, interesting and well poised film! :)

A last one that I really liked (and I cried over) was Message in the Waves. It's about the state of the oceans and people who love and live the waves and try to make a difference.

Yaelian said...

Vilken fin serie av en dansande kille! Kram,fortfarande från Helsingfors.Ännu några dagar här...

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, I 'know' him
from Berlin, HAU, Yasmeen Godder 'Storm End Comes'
dancing with you, my friend!
makes me smile
waving a 'Hello!'
Fooling around set one free

Documentary? Hmm, I've just seen 'Woody Allen', interesting. Heartbreaking is another... the '9/11' by the brothers Jules und Gedeon Naudet.

Hugs and kisses
your Ariane.

sarapirat said...

lilli, you are right woman! we need to laugh about ourselves and life. otherwise it becomes too heavy for sure! how are you? and your cut fingers? i loved baraka too, it has been a while though, i might see it again. have you seen man on a wire? that is also an amazing movie! i will check out the swedish ones! thank you for the suggestions! kramar!

annton beate, i will check it out! thank you have you seen the docu about sally mann?

aniko, thanks for these, they sound great all of them. have you seen man on wire? and the documentary about cuba and permaculture? sounds like things that could interest you!

yaelian, njut av dina sista dagar! kram

ariane, dear, oh yes you know him! that is making the world seem a little bit closer...
which is very nice! thank you for your suggestions, oh and by the way, did you see the human planet? did you manage to dowload it from the dropbox? love and hugs! ♥

Rachel said...

I recently watched The Woodmans. It was great.
Take care!

Rachel said...
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