Tuesday, August 14, 2012



woke up at 5.45, feeling rested despite of restless dreams, followed by restless meditation. sunburned shoulders and stiff muscles from digging up the garden and plucking figs. working on my ‘to-do’ list while trying to get out of the ‘to-do’ mode. baking, dreaming, reading, listening, planting. being in nature and watching its miracles makes me somehow understand people who turn religious. magic at its best.

wish you a great, fruitful day.


barbarabeesblog said...

Ha! Woke up at the same time - and don't feel rested at all, but did a 1 hour walk with the dog already. I like your to-do-list, I'm try to work on a similar one....
Nice breakfast!

Marieke said...

Wow, mooie tekst en een goede foto!

La Dolce Vita said...

Good to see home made healthy breakfast in morning. Today, I ate yesterday's leftovers with freshly made chai. I love that you are so close to nature always. But for me, here in the big city where I live, I have to go to a park to get a glimpse of nature, the birds and the trees. However, there is big Banyan tree in front of my room, and that is a saving grace.

Yaelian said...

Vi steg upp ungefär samma tid! Det måste vara härligt att vara så nära naturen ,Kram!

anna said...

puss och kram. försökte dig på skype i söndags.

outi said...

god morgon!

sounds really the best, your life there. that´s how life should be.

i have also waken up early, eaten breakfast, reading and writing a bit. soon heading out with the tiny one, sun is shining.

have a good day*

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Du med Sara. :)

till-vidas-ara said...

låter underbart och jag håller med. ser det mer och mer varje dag nu, den där magin..trots hela tiden saker vi gör ..hela hela tiden är det action här så jag är helt slut o mör på kvällen men ändå lustigt fylld av energi..nånting i luften nu..kanske vi andas samma..?
och inte hunnit maila, men du är i mina tankar. så myckt somhänder i litet och stort. mirakel på gång här i världen, tycker du inte..

kramar Lycke

sarapirat said...

barbara, i go for naps when i can, especially on days when i wake up early. even just a few minutes can help me get re-energized. does it work for yoU?

marieke, dankjewel!

la dolce vita, chai! oh i love to make chai! how do you make yours? i will send you an email as soon as possible, then we can share those secrets...:) any nice parks around you? banyan tree sounds great though!

yaelian, det ar det! hur har du det darnere? varmt? kramar

anna, puss! ses snart! kanske skype innan?

outi, godmorgon, i just read your email, so happy to recieve it, will answer you soon! have a lovely day, kisses to you and the family

miss ud, ♥

lycke, det kanske vi gor! jag hoppas det! i alla fall under samma himmel. har du sett stjarnfall i veckan? jag sag manga! stora kramar och ingen stress skriv nar du vill och har tid.