Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a little farewell note, bon voyage and i long to see you soon again

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this place already seems a bit different now that you left. we are gypsies after all, restless gypsies, i so understand your need to travel, to search, to grow.  imagine we know each other for 6 years now, and in those 6 years we have travelled more than 10 countries together, spent an uncountable amount of nights in different hotel rooms, lost our orientation in foreign cities, and found the most amazing, magical corners while being lost, enjoyed plenty of delicious home cooked dinners, and ridiculous amounts of sweets, me with the additional wine and you with your glass of water and a smoke, talked talked and talked, into late night hours when i am almost falling asleep~midsentence, smoking too much, giggled, laughed and cried and we have danced, oh yes we have danced, and we will keep on dancing one way or the other right?

now your teddy bears have been washed and packed in your suitcase, and you are somewhere above the clouds, heading for your new destination. land softly as we say and i think and feel that i will meet you there.


Monica said...

all who w treasure leave a puff of emptiness on their departure.

the first and last shots are perfect.

annika said...

Vilken gåva att leva så. Tänker jag i mitt soffhörn. Kramar

Yaelian said...

Vilken vacker farväl:)Kram till dig!

Patrice A. said...

lieve sara,

wat en prachtige brief
om te ontvangen
en te koesteren
je bent een ware vriend

en jij ook goede reis

Patrice A.

Annton Beate Schmidt said...
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Annton Beate Schmidt said...

beautiful. sad. love.

Anne said...

wat mooi in woorden en in beeld gevat! een prachtige post!

Lilli said...

Reading your words, I was thinking that 'yes, I want to read the rest of that book'.
Will you write it?

La Dolce Vita said...

Friends come and go out of our lives, but the most loved ones will never be forgotten. They leave an impression in our minds which remain long after they are gone.That is the power of love.

till-vidas-ara said...

oh Guud! det kändes detta inlägget! allt av olika känslor. så fint, och du såå fin! och cigaretter har jag busat med i sommar också, i ledig stunder i en undanskymd vrå av trädgården. når måste man ju busa med..lite för lite gypsy här annars antar jag :) och inte hunnit maila fast jag vill. ont i huvud och rygg men lugn idag följer jag med i dina tankar en stund..

helgkramar Lycke
(dina kommentarer är ju för roliga att läsa när prickarna saknas..hilarious ibland för jag läser lätt fel också ;)))

Anonymous said...

When I read the words 'restless gypsies' I knew I must read your blog from the are a tremendous writer. I am restless and a gypsy at heart. If only I could go back and do it all over again ~

I agree with Lilli....please write the next chapter when you meet up again.


Anonymous said...

Looking Forward To Meeting Us Here.

Birdie said...

Lovely words & pictures.

Jenny said...

Vilken vacker kärleksförklaring till en vän. "Hejdå", mitt liv är alldeles för fullt av dem just nu. Går runt i ett konstant vemod med tårar som knackar på.

sarapirat said...

monica, indeed, it feels empty and on the other hand i feel happiness for her following her heart.

annika, visst, en gava och ibland ocksa nagot vi fortfarande maste lara oss om oss sjalva, tror jag. inte redo att rota oss, an..kramar

yaelian, kram tillbaka!

patrice, dankjewel voor je woorden. morgen reis ik! :) ♥ en ik verheug heel veel naar nederland. misschien ooit weer.
liefs. xxx

annton, all of it together!

anne, dankjewel mooie vrouw~

lilli, i always doubt mywriting skills, but that was so sweet of you. sometimes i fantasize of writing a book. maybe? love!

la dolce vita, she will stay with me for sure. in my heart and in life. she will be the reason for me to go to india, finally!

lycke, vi kunde smygroka du ochjag. med ett glas vin eller sa. prata om livet hela natten lang. med och utan prickar(skrattar sjalv nar jag skriver!)
kramar till dig fina

sarah, wow, such wonderful words, thank you! nice that you came here. what would you do differently? or did you mean just to relive it? im curious< and had a great visit at your place, will write you there soon!

anonymous, me toooooo!

birdie, thank you so much!

jenny, oh raring. ringer dig. ta hand om dig och kramar.