Wednesday, August 1, 2012

eden and the tomato

eden in the gardeneden and the tomato

community garden day. they eat the tomatoes and we do the weeding. they do mud baths and we do the sowing. they play water fights and we do the arranging. that’s pretty much how it goes.  


Julia da Franca said...

dear sara, what a wonderful and beautiful way to let things grow, in the garden, inside you and especially them!! love, julia

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

and that's pretty wonderful!

Helena said...

fantastiska bilder! <3

Monica said...

lol, as it ought to be. :)

Patrice A. said...

wat mooi
en zo hoort het ook
wij het werk
zij de lol
en daardoor
ook wij de lol

soms zou ik graag een dag
of twee meelopen in jouw leven
dat zo anders is dan het mijne

morgen gaan we naar Friesland, olé!

Daan said...

haha, herkenbaar!

Lamalwina. said...

pretty boy!

sarapirat said...

julia, yes, they have lots of freedom these kids! love

annton beate, it is!

helena, tack dar ar du! vad harligt!

monica, yes, i guess so.

patrice, dat is waar. maar kids houden ook van werken en meedoen. je mag heel graag meelopen, en ik zou ook graag bij jou een keer meedoen. of meerdere! liefs p.s hoe was friesland

daan, :) kan mij voorstellen.

lamawina, he is! welcome!

Iris Vank said...

Lijkt me mooi, dit soort dagen. Fijne zondag!

trotsig said...

Vilket vackert barn!

martita said...

sarita, i guess now you have been living in a kibbutz for a considerable amount of time, no? you think you could live somewhere else or did you find your place? could you come back to a busy big city?
this things i'm thinking about lately. i happen to have an insane feeling for moving around and living in different places, and i wonder if i'll ever find a place where i will want to stay. i'm moving in 3 weeks away from madrid, to barcelona, for a year, to study...and then...who knows??
Besos pequeña