Thursday, January 31, 2013



the morbid collection. i already have a bunch of other dead animals; (1 2 3) I guess they serve as a reminder of how fragile life is. and how natural death is, after all.

‘sure and life is a lot o’ misery, all right, and death is more misery, yet. Dread, fear, anxiety, guilt, even a bit o’ neurosis , are perfectly natural responses to a life that promises such an unacceptable end. The trick is not to take such responses too seriously, not to trivialize your all too short stay in your carton o’ flesh by cooperatin’ with misery.’

did you guys read anything by tom robbins? thank you dear demie for the book!


annton beate Schmidt said...

done deal. the one about balancing fragility and lightness. on top, dead animals always, besides being a sad sight, carry some beauty for me. does this make sense... xx

Iris Vank said...

Ik vind het mooi, een laatste eerbetoon aan een dood dier. Ken je het blog van ponypeople? Die is het lezen waard, over dit onderwerp!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

yes, skinny legs and all. loved it. and another one. forgot which ;\0

thanks for the comment the other day. yes, things change and we change with them.

when, when when, oh when, will we ever get the chance to meet up? you're in tlv during february? in israel at all?

love and thoughts XO

Anonymous said...

oh my word...what is that creature?!
Life is fragile...something very important to remember daily. xo

Elle said...

Your book seems interesting to me, i'll make a research of it in french...

till-vidas-ara said...

åh du får mig alltid att tänka till extra på något. tänker sällan på döden så noggrant, och när jag gör. ser jag till att sakta ner och försöka vara i nuet. att njuta mer..
Kära vännen min. du har en utmärkelse och en utmaning att hämta hos mig om du vill. annars bara ta emot min tanke :)

kramar Lycke

Anonymous said...

hieperdepiep hoera!
met je verjaardag


Patrice A.

demie said...

Hei Sara!

bildet er hjerteskjærende...

Virkelig glad du likte boken!

Alt Tom Robbins er bra, men du begynte med hans beste... Les Still life with Woodpecker og Skinny legs and all.


demie said...

oh! and happy birthday my dearest Srapirat!

Anikó said...

oh how i shuddered at the sight of that peaceful beast and his predicament... it's very clear to me these days how i try to avoid the idea of death.
an old friend last week told me about a disturbing death in his family, how lonely, sudden and unlikely death can be. i shivered and shuddered, and still shiver and shudder still.
but learning about this shivering feeling a lot. i must look at death, accept the feeling of it and then let it go. it starts to feel more natural then, but i guess i'm yet to learn to see the beauty in it.

objects of whimsy said...

Half asleep in frogs pyjamas and Skinny legs and all. I also have read B is for beer. I love his books they are quirky.

I hear it was your birthday Happy Birthday Sara hope you had a lovely day

Helen :)

till-vidas-ara said...

... tänker mig dig just så. i märkliga klädkombinationer som ser alldeles underbara ut på dig. och danskläder så klart. du är så fin vännen! har inte provat dina matkombinationer med blev himla sugen att göra det nu. måste nog handla först dock :)

kramar en måndag, Lycke

Gracia said...

Fragile, fleeting, beautiful, sad... best grab hold of the good and hang on.

sarapirat said...

annton, they do, that is the other reason why i they fascinate me! i also took a portrait of this wild boar, and it almost looks like she is smiling...

iris, nee, ken ik niet, ga zoeken! bedankt!

trinsch, when yes oh when? soon? i hope! i will be in israel again (right now abroad..again!) and even though i almost never come to tel aviv lately, i am sure we can find a window somehow, somewhere. xxx.

sarah, it is a wild boar. very majestic somehow right? very important to remember...i

elle, do! very good writer!

lycke, fina du, blev så glad tack för utmärkelse, kanske får ändan ur någon dag? kramar

patrice! bedankt lieve vrouw! wat leuk! grote knuffel

demie, i will continue reading more of his! thank you and thank you for your birthday wishes!

aniko, well i so know what you mean. finding the beauty in a dead animal is obviously much easier than in a human being. simply because it is closer to us. and death is fear...on so many levels. i try to deal with that though. to be ready one day. and to live now.. but man, is it hard!

oow. oh yes quirky! such a dance he dances with words! thank you very much helen for your greetings!

lycke, jag måste pröva banan med lök! :) tisdagskramar tillbaka!

gracia, best indeed! you are right!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

ha ha ha... demie been going on about tom robbins? hee hee...