Tuesday, February 5, 2013



my body is craving for vitality. in all forms and shapes. boost of vitamins and inspiration.


outi said...

oh yes please, for me too! it´s so grey and white and black here, i´m in a desperate need of colors! and some energy too.. i have eaten too much chocolate and what-ever-anything-but-real-food.. and i feel it in my body.
Spring spring, i´m counting on that.

Hugs from Helsinki to Belgium!!!

annton beate Schmidt said...

seems like, we're all craving more vivid colors these days. i'll send you a pinch of my fiery red, from last week, while borrowing a bit of your sun. hugs from the studio.

annika said...

Och jag köpte en knallorange halsduk när jag kom hem från färgsprakande Indien till det bleka tysta landet jag lever i :) Mera färg åt folket!

La La Land said...

Love the orange theme in your photography ! Its so refreshing to see these images. The weather is changing here..its getting hot and humid and somewhat dry.
I hope you are doing well.{ Its been long since I visited your blog}
take care,

Pascale said...

orange is perfect for vitality !!!

Magdalena Nowak said...

dear dear sara,
your body should get what it needs. i hope you can get all your vitamines (not only from the oranges) but also from the beloved. I have some 'witaminki' (polish) here for you and hope keep them here until you visit me.
Big hug my dear.
your vitamin M

Monica B said...

perfect - as the big orange planet of happiness and exuberance is hitting us direct now, you WILL find vitality. ;)

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Loving these photos, just when I was needing a little vitamin C

Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

Me too! I feel like I am in a dark cold cocoon .... waiting and waiting for everything bright, warm and cheery of spring to burst forth. I feel so blah this time of year.
Get and do whatever you need to fill your spirits. xo

barbarabeesblog said...

oh you've got my favorite flowers again! Love them, perfect vital colours. For mental vitality don't miss my giveaway!

ps: have to wait at least another month for those flowers!

Yaelian said...

Besökte idag turismmässan i Tel Aviv och Sverige hade sin egen avdelning där(tillsammans med Norge och Danmark) Tänkte på dig då;D

Anikó said...

i find it too easy to relate to that...trying to stay calm and not comfort eat so much but failing. postponing the fast maybe not helping either. i'd love it if spring came a bit earlier than april this year!
PS. beautiful coffee mug! x

objects of whimsy said...

a great orange cake recipe. Uses almonds not flour I usually tone down the sugar using soft brown sugar.


but its delicious and strong in orange flavours


Heart Box Studio said...

Perfect! I love these colors right now....the cold white palette here cries for these colors! XO

Birdie said...

Beautiful tones. The mug is lovely :)

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Jag vet vad du menar. Har samma känsla..

anna said...

hej raring, hur är det? och hur är boken, var den nåt intressant? puss, saknar dig!

Patrice A. said...

me too!
it must be
this time of the year
I always feel like this
in januari and februari....

lieve Sara
deze kleuren zijn prachtig
de zon zit er in
ik zag bij Ariane de zin
dat je misschien wilt stoppen....
nee!, niet doen!!

met armen

Patrice A.

Iris Vank said...

Mooie foto's weer. Ik hoop dat je je weer wat beter voelt!

(En nee toch, je gaat toch niet stoppen?)

sarapirat said...

outi! i can imagine. after a week in belgium and netherlands, i was reminded of that wet greyness that can soak you up during this time of the year. sending you a bunch of splashy flashy vibrant colors!
and spring WILL come, sooner or later. hugs

annton, thank you for that red! i can feel it already and i am not joking. this week is already getting back some of that red energy which have been missing for quite a while now. thank you!

annika, absolut! Mer färg åt oss! kramar

sanghamitra, so happy you came by! lots of love to you!

pascale, orange and hugs!
and meditation...

magdalena, oh, sweet dear you! thank you. looking forward to that! many hugs

monica, oh YES! i believe you!

sally, coming right at you! xx.

sarah, and the same for you dear. we need to prioritize it it seems. getting fuel.

barbara, wonderful they are right?! xxx.

yaelian, åh spännande, vad hade dom där? kram

aniko, mmmmm, i hear you, even though here the spring is already somewhat present and winter is of course never that intense. but still...we are affected. hugs to you!

oow, mmmmmm, that might be the plan for this day! after arriving home...and unpacking. thank you! hugs!

heart box studio, here we go! more of those, i will try to make another vibrant collection this week. xxx.

birdie, i love it too! a friend gave it to me once he understood how much i love that old cup standing around in his kitchen. he even used it as an ashtray i believe...even though a beautiful ashtray is not bad either!

miss ud, mer sånt alltså! ska jobba på det. kramar

anna, ja absolut intressant! läste ut den i belgien. saknar dig med! skype snart! tillbaka nu...

patrice, lieve jou,
bedankt voor je worden, deze week meer inspiratie. over stoppen, ik zou jullie te veel missen, dus ik weet niet! maar? liefs!

iris, dankjewel. nee, nog niet. but considering...a serious break? liefs!

Iris Vank said...

Soms is rust nemen belangrijk. Ik herken dat wel. Maar ik wil je mooie foto's eigenlijk niet missen!!