Saturday, January 12, 2013

those were the days


we had a short and passionate romance with winter. building igloos and throwing snowballs. dear winter, could you stay a wee bit longer?

one goat after the other is giving birth these days. my friends kept a newborn kid in their living room for 24hours due to the cold. it was quite cozy, sharing the space with a cuddly, furry creature named after joni mitchell.

wishing you a sweet and tranquil saturday!


annton beate Schmidt said...

your images make me oh so happy... I am taken by the picture of hot tea in the snow and by the tiny dinosaur in the kitchen. you world is dancing, it seems. your images make me oh so happy x

outi said...

wow what a snow photos! And snow in there? So difficult to think;)

happy this year dear Sara!!! Hugs!!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Lovely as always Sara....beautiful snow pictures! Sweet goat story too.

Yaelian said...

Vilken gullig liten getunge! Och en fin igloo! Man skulle aldrig tro att bilden är härifrån;D

annika said...


Iris Vank said...

Wat een super foto's! Geweldig gevangen, die momenten! (Is dit in Israël?)

Anonymous said...

Vilka härliga bilder! Hoppas du har det bra! Jag ska skriva till dig snart. Jag önskar dig ett fint år vännen. :) Puss och kram / Julia (Vardag)

Seraphina Theresa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seraphina Theresa said...

take the time you need and if there is a picture you like more than the other, then you are also allowed to change your choice. just tell me. :)

Anonymous said...

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objects of whimsy said...

such wonderful fotos Sara in fact Ive just caught up with your previous posts too.
I love visiting your blog you are a wonderful storyteller.

Helen :)

Elle said...

An igloo, what a nice hut! Is it in Israel or in Sweden?

sarapirat said...

annton, happy they make you happy, those were very happy days! :)

outi, yes, it was a crazy week of weather conditions here, surprised everyone, it even snowed in the desert! hugs back.

sally, thank you so much!

yaelian, nej, visst är det svårt att tro? särskilt nu när allt är 'som vanligt igen'- kram

annika :)

iris, yes, the holy land, raar he? nu voelt het meer als lente weer...

julia, åh ja, skriv gärna! önskar dig med ett vackert, kärleksfyllt år. kramar

seraphina, thank you dear i will! lately so little motivation to do anything..:(

objects of whimsy, thank you, makes me happy to read!

elle, amazingly enough in israel! of all places!

Nanna said...

Vilka heelt underbara bilder. Gud vad duktig du är på att fånga ögonblick. Vilken stämning o vilken känsla i bilderna.

Jag mailar dig snart.. Inte glömt. Bara dessa jäkla sjukor hela tiden.

Stor kram

Anikó said...

breathtaking photos - such alive moments and the dynamic!! lots of people complain about the snow these days, from all sorts of countries...i'm sure if life gave you a lemon you'd make the most divine lemonade! :)

chrissy said...

Wow! What a stupendous snowball fight!!! XO

Therese said...

Catch the moment. Fina ögonblicksbilder, som alltid!

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