Sunday, January 27, 2013

petra, jordan, continuation


there was the bedouin woman drinking tea, the neatly dressed business man having a smoke, dozens of young boys riding donkeys or camels, offering you a ride to the top and spots of left over snow (!) on the way to petra, can you imagine?

and, something else, a call out to all the belgian bloggers, are there any of you readers out there from brussles or the surrounding?


Menthe Blanche said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures od Jordan! It's beautiful...I would like to go there one day...

annton beate Schmidt said...

a very impressive setting. and obivsiouly someting like a gate between the past and the presence, maybe future too. my first thought had been: "oh no, a mobile phone in such place." but then it was rather a feeling of relief, that worlds can coexist, in a peaceful and serene ways thank you for taking me to the desert this morning. xx

Elle said...

That's gorgeous! What beautiful pictures, what a beautiful place!
Sorry for not translating last post, I'll do next time, I promise.

narumi said...

The first photo with the bedouin woman is beautiful, my favourite so far :)

Patrice A. said...

onwerkelijk ook
die eerste foto zo mooi
dat je daar werkelijk gelopen hebt

de sneeuw verdwijnt nu snel
het is + 7 graden
en het regent
de hele dag ;^((


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Beautiful photos sara....a place I would love to visit....thank you for taking me.... with your photographers eye ....& poetic observations....

Seraphina Theresa said...

Oh Sara, these pictures are beautiful. Especially the first, the third and the last one because the humans there look so tiny surrounded by this great stones. but same time they are the only coloured point in the center of this nature. So they look helpless and important the same time, they are the miracles of nature.
I wish you a lot of fun in Jordan, enjoy this (hot) experience!

Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing! The first one especially, is breathtaking. I must travel more...I've read your blog from the beginning but have I missed your story on how you get to travel to so many wonderful places?
The world is so big and beautiful -I hate to think I may never see so many places, meet so many people and have so many memories as you.
Thank you for always taking us along ~ xo

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh my... dear Sara,
al Batraa... Wadi Musa... mashallah,
wish I could be there, dive into those atmosphere that you've captured so wonderful!
Amazing photos of the woman and man at an fantastic place on earth... hope that no 'fanatics' will destroy this funerary temple ever.

Your last question about blogger in Brussels and surrounding... ahem... what does it mean?

x Ariane

Yaelian said...

Jättefina bilder.Har hört så mycket om Petra,men aldrig varit där....

annika said...

Wow och dubbelt wow. Vill åka dit! Vilka talande bilder. Storstor kram

till-vidas-ara said...

väldigt långt ifrån Bryssel :) mitt i en snöstorm i norraste norrland. Underbara bilder. visst är det en väldigt biblisk stad det där? ska kika om du svarat något nedåt här. har haft griniga dagar minsann. kanske bara fullmånen. hoppas det vänder, blir galen på mig själv ibland..

kramar Lycke

demie said...

I can't believe you are actually there Sara!
This is great!

Thank you : )

Merel said...

Poehee, ik krijg reis-zin van jouw foto's! Lijkt me overweldigend, die plek.

Anonymous said...

whaooo....avundsjuk, men samtidigt såklart glad. whaoo, vilka ställen, vilka bilder, oj! träffade Maud häromdan, inte ofta man ser henne, men kul. gick f ö och sjöng massa låtar på temat "We´re going to Jordan" häromdan, haha!

chrissy said...

Wow!!!! So so stunning! Just absolutely wondrous! XXOO

sarapirat said...

menthe blanche, thank you! perhaps one day you will?

annton, it like the contrast, the man in his suit, sitting there, making his phonecall, but in this amazing squat (having a hard time imagining a nordic business man sitting like that! :)

elle, very beautiful place, a joy to photograph! it is ok, you write as you please of course, i still visit!

narumi, thank you very much, it felt much like a moment.

patrice, regen regen regen...
het was onzettend mooi en bijzondere ervaring om daar te zijn. ook omdat het samen met mijn ouders was. hopelijk straks lente bij jullie...

sally dear, thank you for your sweet words, always welcome to join my adventures!

seraphina, thank you dear! makes me happy!
they look vulnerable indeed. in this vast nature.

sarah, well, mostly cause i tour a lot through work, being a dancer. and then due to dancing i also choose to study abroad and not in sweden, so i first lived 6 years in the netherlands and then moved to israel to work. so those are my main reasons. i also do travel for 'pleasure' but most of it happened as a part of my work. which has been truly amazing! :) and i feel very grateful for having that opportunity.

ariane, thank you, go there, if you have the chance! about brussels, well i am considering going there for an audition next week, but it is all hanging in the air. so i was checking to see if there are any bloggers from brussels around?! love to you, and i did not find the right think for woolf. still on my mind though.

yaelian, åk! det är ju relativt nära och absolut sevärt! kramar

annika, tack! jättevackert, hisnande! kramar

lycke, svarade hos dig idag i stället, såg du? ja ja ja! vore superdupermegafintkul! kramar så länge där i snön.

demie, i miss you, how is life? coming back to blogworld?

merel, zeker overweldigend! en mysterieus.

s, jasså, har du planer på att åka dit? :) kan rekommenderas! kramar

chrissy, quite a wondrous place indeed, and such a mystery somehow. how and who? i wonder...have lived there, created it...oh oh

outi said...

well well well, what can i say, looks amazing. really like from a dream. i have heard about that place, seen photos, but wow. it must have been really an experience.

hugs from the snow storm! some kind of different world in here..

objects of whimsy said...

Great fotos Sara wow!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

now i realize why a friend of a friend this way is called petra...
cheers for the view though.