Wednesday, January 16, 2013

me like


I found this online somewhere, it has been circulating ‘out there’ and I took it straight to my heart. also, I love calvin and hobbes, are you guys familiar with them?

more than anything it seems like a great reminder at the right moment. having an ongoing struggle with myself these days. finding that I am unmotivated and tired, slightly on the edge and getting stuck in negative patterns. remembering that it is up to me to change it and to choose differently. phu.


Anonymous said...

Don't you love when you read or hear something that goes straight to your heart and can change your life in an instant.....
Listen to this one, it is so true. Hope you don't feel this way for too long but take it easy on yourself...we all get tired. xo


****I want to let you know that due to some tech. google issues my blog was deleted. I can't get it back and had to start another one...after 3 years! anyhow, it's still the same Sarah just at a diff. blog. Have a great day!

Pascale said...

Good luck with your struggle !
It won't last. Everything has an end.

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes.
dit ga ik naar mijn vriendje doorsturen!

annton beate Schmidt said...

is that january or simply the new year's euphoria getting sour; you hit the nail on its head with it. puuuh, what a slow day! love from dark berlin.

Anikó said...

i think january is a self-struggley month... i always feel it's shedding the old that takes time and some mental pain. i try to think of baby chickens beating their way out of the tough shell. i guess they just keep pushing against the discomfort, it will break soon and you'll be out.
calvin and hobbes is great!

Merel said...

Mooi Sara, en zo waar. Hopelijk komt de zin jezelf bij elkaar te rapen snel... je zo voelen is niet fijn...

Julia da Franca said...

my dear sara, i think january is THE struggley month...
i like your quote a lot, it came right on time for me too!!
so let's struggle, thats a good thing, because it brings changes, and growth, development and progression!
love julia

Iris Vank said...

Ik herken het. Ik heb er ook elk jaar last van volgens mij, aan het eind van het jaar en begin van een nieuw jaar. Maar ik leer mezelf steeds beter kennen. En dat is zo waardevol. Liefs!

till-vidas-ara said...

du är så klok! du vet ju allt det där. jag med. men visst glömmer man ofta hur man gör, och att det ju mest alltid sitter i en själv. jag transformerade något till det bättre när jag var sjuk och sen blev frisk. känner solen och våren i mig nu..

kramar och hoppas det är bättre..


barbarabeesblog said...

Oh, I'm a hugh fan of calvin and hobbes and it made it often a bit easier to deal with my sons ideas as he was jounger (or still...), meanwhile he loves it too and totally identifies with calvin.
As he was little he was always carrying a soft shark under his arm!
Wish you a very happy and satisfying new year - a little late, but I've been sick with a very nasty flu.
Hugs, Barbara Vikingbee

sarapirat said...

dear people,
maybe it is the month, maybe it is another wave of life, maybe it is me,
no matter what,
sharing it with you always brings perspective into the soup i am cooking,
thank you for kind and loving words!


Rachel said...

i grew up reading calvin and hobbes. have been looking for a book for my greta.
those words, so fine.
take your time, dear sara.
it looks like you are seeing some amazing things. it feels good to Just Be sometimes.

radha said...

yeah! exactly! love your photos also! wonderful!

radha said...

by the way if you havent read scott peck do it in these times of struggle! read the road less travelled!