Wednesday, January 23, 2013



a few moments from jordan. so close, and so different. yet similar…

seems my blog is getting dusty. like I dropped it in the corner of the room and keep forgetting to pick it up. hello to you. my body is running ahead of my mind. trying to catch up. trying to slow down. what about you?


Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, you are on my mind, dearest Sara! Thinking of last year... Berlin... yes, with all my heart.

Your photos from Jordan are most intensive... love it! Love your view on things, people, surroundings, situation... its great! Loving and empathetic.

Your selfportrait! Mmmarvellous... even with those shade of colours.

okay. Breath (your own words, Honey :)

xo Ariane

barbarabeesblog said...

Walking the dog at -10° degrees, your jordan pics are a welcome difference - whould love to go there. I'm a hugh fan of deserts by the why and these days in mental adventure mood. After beeing ill everything around me seems dusty like jordan, so I don't have to go so far. Haha.
My brain is running faster, than my body - maybe we should meet and mix up a bit.
Have a nice day, BEEbee

annika said...

Ta din tid. Bloggens liv är upp och ner precis som det vanliga :) Jag mår finfint, känner mig stark! Önskar dig samma känsla min vän, storkram

Yaelian said...

Fina bilder och intressant hur det ser ut hos grannen,har aldrig varit där...Och vi är här och går ingenstans så take your time:)

Patrice A. said...

lieve sara,
ja, het is nog winter in Nederland
veel, veel sneeuw en schaatsen
maar ook somber, geen zon
ik wil, net als elk jaar
in winterslaap
en pas weer wakker worden en
meedoen in maart
ik word blij van jouw foto's!
vooral het lichte en wit
van de eerste 3


Monica B said...

good to see you.
great collection.
the 1st spices one is so fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Aaah a spice market ... I love visiting those and the rows of scent bottles reminded me of a trip to Cairo many years ago ... I still have a little bottle of Jasmine. It's very strong!

anna said...

ungefär likadant! vad fint det ser ut. här är kallt som tusan. puss och kram!

Birdie said...

Sweet self :)
... Oh i want to go away too...So much work here.

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Jag älskar dina bilder.

s said...

har du fått 3:e säsongen Solsida? jag skickade dom via 3 olika "skickafil"-tjänster. och håller med, visst är det har fått en Ove som kommer förbi jobbet ibland.
och "Creatures comforts", där vanliga människor gestaltas i animerade djur är ju minst lika kul, tankarna vänds upp o ner. nästan så jag blir vegan på kuppen-men bara nästan!

objects of whimsy said...

OOOH Ive been to Jordan well I havent but your pics are sure making it real for me.

Thanks for sharing even though you are busy.

Helen x

Elle said...

I've seen some pictures from Jordan in the desert. Hope you 'll have the opportunity to go there too. Big hug xxx

Merel said...

' kijk niet om, ga steeds vooruit. goede reis en hou je haaks en kijk goed uit' - spinvis -

Seraphina Theresa said...

i have phases where i write a lot of poetic stuff and this i only can do in german...i often wish i could translate them. i can, but then it sounds flat. hihi, the thing on my head is a scarf...pssst. and to the smile...i am fine, really. but same time i am lonely (not only because of the leaving of a.). but the moment i write my exams and am curious about what comes next time in my life.

hug. (:

sarapirat said...

ariane, dear, finally yesterday or two days ago? (weee) i read your mail, said i would post something, started to search for a suitable photo and then got stuck again. grrrrr...and had to run to a performance and there we go again. not in focus is the way to summarize it. i am so sorry. so, breathe! yes!
love and hugs and thank you so much

beeeeee, feeling better now? i hope so. the desert is beautiful there. can recommend it. and there was even snow in the desert, can you believe it? meet and mix up, oh yeah! i am all for it! love,

annika, tack fina du! jag försöker med det! kramar

yaelian, åk till petra, det är magiskt! kramar

patrice, wauw, bijzonder. het wordt extremer, het weer, de hele tijd. toen ik in petra in jordanie was, kon ik nog steeds sneeuw vinden, ongelooflijk! hopelijk kan je veel slapen en uitrusten tot dat het warmer wordt? liefs!

monica, thank you! i will show you some more today!

geoffrey, oh cairo! would love to go there...i wasn't a fan of any of the smells though, way too sweet! :)

anna, kallt kallt, men varmt inombords? kramar

birdie, much work, when will it be calmer? enjoying? love,

miss ud, tack fina snälla du!

s, jag tror jag har träffat eran ove, lite annan variant bara? han som vill ha cigg hela tiden? JA! tusen tack, började igår! mia skäringer fan, kollar på henne på youtube, kramar och tack tack hatten av!

oow, soon i will hopefully give you a little internal trip there again! even today! ;) xx.

elle, coming right up! :)

merel! :) DANKJEWEL!
spinvis in mijn hart!

seraphina, good look with your exams! really, i am curious about how your next chapter will look like, what you will choose. love and warm hug to you

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Your blog is never dusty dear is always an exciting adventure for me!

Anne said...

wat een prachtige foto's maak je toch! en zoveel mooie plekken... feeds my wanderlust... mijn hoofd en lichaam werken ook niet zo goed samen op het moment. wennen weer in amsterdam. de koffie staat klaar hoor, mocht je nog eens in de buurt zijn :) liefs!

outi said...

no worries, my blog is also getting dusty.. so many things going on and so much to do, kind of.. but let´s not stress about things like that, there are times like this, and then other kind of times. i mean, busy and less busy and, äsh, you for sure know what i´m trying to say;)

Now i go to bed, good night!

Birdie said...

... Still 6 months, at least. But after : REST ! :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

very much like you, i'm afraid. could be a bog malaise thing? albeit i've been training to come back, slapping the aforementioned plaster...
i still haven't figured why you live in the middle east?