Saturday, April 17, 2010

thank you sweet ♥evelina♥ for this award! on evelinas site you can find her beautiful pictures and follow her process of renovating the house while pimping up the garden!

beautiful blogger award

and then, as asked for, 7 things about me. well, there was this version and later also another one on the 15th of february. instead, i will write 7 things i am into at the moment…

1. bon iver. perfect music for sunday mornings. i imagine. here it would be saturday mornings.

2. whiskey. but only this very specific and expensive one….

3. my camera. this is not so momentarily though.

4. zoethout tea. which is a specific kind of licorice tea they drink a lot in the netherlands.

5. baking sourdough. and different kind of pastries.

6. fabrics and sewing with my bernette.

7.and many other things i hesitate to write here!

i will pass this award on to outi, trinsch, frkn l, fru a, juliasvardag, kom ketchup and toril (du får köra två flugor i en smäll!)


Fotograf Evelina Gustavsson said...

Men fasiken va smart att ändra på det! Det var ju sjukt svårt att komma på 7 intressanta saker när jag redan kört två tidigare för itne allt för länge sedan. :)


outi said...

i got interested about zoethout tea, have to check from the on and only tea shop in this town which sells many lovely teas around the world..

and thank you for the award! i´m honored:)
does this mean i also have to tell 7 things about me..? ;)

Toril said...

Hahha..du är för söt!
Ja jag får väl köra en dubbel även fast att jag inte hade tänkt skriva någon...fick ju en från fina Evelina också.. jag suger i mig berömmet å lyfter på hatten - igen:)KRAM

sarapirat said...

evelina, jag fick lov att vara lite påhittig, så jag inte tråkar ut er.. :)

outi, otherwise i can tell you where to order online, it is so very tasty!
and you can choose how to write it. it is 'supposed' to be seven things about yourself, but you can do something else if you feel like it!

toril, inga måsten såklart! så ta komplimangen och lös det som du vill. :) kram