Tuesday, March 24, 2009

useless facts

img457 (picture by amina husberg)


usually, i never do those list thingies. so here is an exception, for you fru a! the rules are to write down eight facts about yourself/or habits, and then to challenge another eight people. i doubt i have 8 people to challenge, so i might discard this specific part of the game…

1. i have sort of a fetish for smell, i love to smell most things i touch, if it is a package of milk in the supermarket, dirty/clean clothes, plastic bags, books. i tend to think that my sense of smell is very strong, i can usually determine who in the company lost clothes in the studio/on stage by smelling it.

2. i only enjoy to eat popcorn if i can dip them in ketchup.

3. i like to be slapped in the face, for real &hard, but while play fighting.

4. i got rid of my TV in 2001 and i strongly believe it made me a happier person.

5. i sometimes had dreams that happened in reality afterwards.

6. finding thrown away treasures on the street is a little hobby of mine.

7.i want to learn how to grow my own vegetables.

8. id like to believe i am on optimistic person, but also quite dramatic and fearful. once i start crying, it is very hard for me to stop. and it happens, not too rarely….

well, if yaelian, karin and els would feel like doing the same, they can hereby feel invited!


Yaelian said...

Jag skall se om jag hittar någonting..har redan bloggat om 6 saker om mig tidigare. Jag tycket också om att lukta på saker!

Anonymous said...

Ik ben ook geen vrouw van lijstjes in mijn leven.Ik leef het. Ik zal erover nadenken. Bij de foto moest ik wel 3x kijken. Hebben ze dat ook daar??? Weer een andere op mijn archiefkast bij het zien van de dag. Mooie dromen met heel veeel liefs Els

sarapirat said...

yaelian, jag får väl leta med google translator i din blogg.. :)

els, ik snap het, en de foto is van rotterdam, gerdesiaweg volgens mij?

Anonymous said...

Ja dat is de gerdesiaweg!!!!

Fru A said...

vad har du då drömt, måste du berätta nån gång! väldigt fin bild.