Monday, April 20, 2009

new adventure


picture borrowed from here

so, after almost 7 years of rollercoaster, forward and back, on and off, we are trying what has still not been tried>MOVING IN TOGETHER! this beloved lab rat relationship which has been through you name it, long distance, short distance, open relationship, monogamy, driving us up the wall one day and very enjoyable the next, is apparently still on! and with me standing with one foot in and the rest of me out for the last two years, i decided to step in.  we have experienced enough to know it won’t be a picnic, no peaches and cream so hold your thumbs, it can go either way!


Fru A said...

men var ska ni bo då..?

Anonymous said...

Joepie spannend!!! Ik ben meteen wakker ondanks de 2 bakkies. Wat een goeie move. Zo kunnen jullie eindelijk eens ongebreideld het diepe in. Liefs met dikke kussen Els

Anonymous said...

" it ain`t over til it`s over " :-)
my thumbs are there with you guys.

sarapirat said...

fru a,
jag flyttar långsamt till zivon är tanken. men som sagt, det kan gå vilket håll som helst. :)

els, ja ik ben heel erg benieuwd hoe het zou gaan. maar spannend en nieuwe stap. dikke zoen

phussy, all because of you ;) hihi

Yaelian said...

Hoppas allt går bra! Flyttar du bort från Israel?

sarapirat said...

nej yaelian, jag blir kvar här! det verkar bli svårt att få iväg mig härifrån..

Yaelian said...

Det är ju trevligt:-)