Tuesday, April 28, 2009



painting, and cleaning, and planning. getting rid of that horrible bed. dusting away thousands of dead flies. closets. discussing. compromise. and eating bamba inbetween. i found this cherry bowl in a second hand store yesterday. goodnight.


Anonymous said...

...wow, you are really getting down to it...!! respect!
got ur voice message, i will call you back either this afternoon or 2m. kisses&hugs**phussy.

sarapirat said...

yes we are!
tonight i am going to see a performance, but tomorrow eve or friday, saturday, i am free!
looking forward to talk to you

Fru A said...

ooo så fin skål! lycka till med ihopflyttandet, nu måste vi ringas snart, det är ju evigheter sen... pussar!

sarapirat said...

fru a, jajamän, kanske tom ikväll?