Monday, April 13, 2009




taking pictures, planting avocados, doing doing, at least this distracts me. the side of our compost which is already filled is so happy that it started to grow onions and potatoes and something that might be the beginning of tomatoes, all on its own. i am considering the advice to dig the plants out and put them into soil. this is my fourth tryout in the last few months to grow an avocado  pit. i hope it will work this time. sun is shining. it might help.


Yaelian said...

Härligt det där med komposten;synd att där jag bor kan jag inte ha en sådan.

Anonymous said...

Så inspirerande bilder och ord. Tack!

sarapirat said...

yaelian, finns det ingen kompost i närheten?

anonym, hej och tack själv!

Fru A said...

stor kram från mig! kan vi ringas?