Thursday, October 11, 2012

without moving too far


knitting project the pumpkinglossary  foxskittles two 

all those snapshots of little moments happening right next to you, or in front of your eyes.

i wish i could have photographed the situation when i was herding about 12 goats on my own in the forest and we all of a sudden stood face to face with a HUGE wild boar.we were so extremely close, only about 6 meters apart and i am not exaggerating when i say she was the biggest wild animal i have ever seen in my life, in its natural environment that is. time freezes and your blood starts boiling. all there is is you, the boar, the goats, the sky, the trees, here and now. i was more excited than scared this time. perhaps because i had 12 goats to protect (or rather the other way around, they were most likely the ones protecting me) after a few moments of stillness, i managed to get the herd with me, and only 10 minutes later i saw the boar again, in another part of the forest. took me a good couple of hours to relax from all that adrenaline. according to the indians, a wild boar is supposedly symbolizing the confrontation with your inner truth. counting all my encounters from the past months it seems my inner truth is trying to tell me something. hoho boars, would you please leave me a clue?!


Makeminemidcentury said...

I love these photos Sara. Petrifying boar story! You're one brave Swedish lass! I would have wet my pants for sure.

annika said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Vad ska man säga. Du är på väg Sara, hela tillvaron bekräftar tydligen det :) Stor kram och skönt att du är hel. (och getterna)

Yaelian said...

Wow,en ganska ovanlig upplevelse.De lär vara litet farliga också.Så du är också en fåraherde,vad kul! Har du lärt dig att laga ost också?
En stor kram!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
I can see it for my inner eye... you circled by the goats, face to face with that huge boar...
Your inner truth? Being a brave heart, prudent with overview...

Mmmmarvellous pics, that golden light!


Patrice A. said...

die eerste foto's zo prachtig
warm en zacht
de laatste bracht een glimlach

en dan je verhaal

Patrice A.

till-vidas-ara said...

men ååh, herreguud! snälla rara..jag vet ju (från filmer) hur farliga de kan vara..bara så! mycket farligare än många andra man tror är farliga...usch nu låter jag som min mamma :), men det var galet spännadne att läsa och jag kunde precis känna den där känslan..verkligen så mitt i nuet som man kan vara. guud vad less jag är på att jaga det där nuet. tror jag bestämmer mig för att det är här och nu och ingenannanstans...och kör på det så får vi se vad som händer. älskar bilden med hunden...*

kramar Lycke

La Dolce Vita said...

That was a wonderful experience that occurred , seeing a wild boar. I would have been so afraid. In my dreams, when I was growing up, I used to see a wild ox so often... strange because I was in the city and there was no ox in my city ..After a long time, I realized that maybe I had some repressed fears as a child and the ox symbolized are right, maybe you are coming to terms with your inner fears...dear friend, these fears teaches us something and when they will pass away, you will be left with more inner strength than ever before...this has been my experience...
I love all your photos, particularly,the pumpkin,tea cup and the last one.
have a nice day !

Monica said...

wait, you herd goats? that's the bit that stands out to me. lol

anyway, woah. what an experience. they're very dangerous animals. we had wild boar around our home but never saw them. they would come in the evenings, if people weren't about, and dig our land for roots. i would be scared witless if i came face-to-face with one.

Ilse said...

Ik kan me voorstellen dat dat schrikken is, was vast een unieke ervaring.


till-vidas-ara said...

Ja, kära du! idag börjar vi om. jag lade mig direkt efter middan igår faktiskt. tro det var mycket sömn som behövdes för mig med. men inte bara det. men nu ska jag börja lyssna på allvar vad kroppen säger till mig..ska väl inte vara så svårt :)
idag har jag ett lättare sinne i allafall, och då går det lättare att hoppa på de där positiva spiralerna inte sant! hoppas din dag är energifylld och vacker. här drar jag inte många strån. ser till att mysa och ta hand om istället ***

kramar mot helgen, Lycke

nathalie et cetera said...

This is where your blog title takes all of its meaning! that was some adventure! oh and this knit piece looks very nice!

Merel said...

Hakuna Matata, Sara. Een wild zwijn!
Dat lijkt mij verder een goede combi, skittles en breiwerkjes.

demie said...

maybe your inner truth is that you are brave?

- some perfect autumn feel photos by the way ;)

sarapirat said...

mmmc, thank you! not sure i am that brave, it just happened...and the day after i saw one again. and this morning a whole big pack, but they were luckily? quite far away from me...

annika, ja, sa ar det kanske?? absolut skont att vara hel! Kramar

yaelian, inte far men getter! ja, vi lagar ost, men jag gor oftast yoghurten. och sa ar det absolut, att dom kan vara valdigt aggressiva. kramar

ariane, ♥ thank you! i dont feel very brave generally. but maybe i am becoming braver? who knows? love

ik heb die hele zakje skittles opgegeten later die dag. en nog meer wilde zwijnen gezien! oh oho h! liefs

lycke, eller som min mamma med for den delen! hihih..och det dar med att jaga nuet...det ar ju sa latt att jaga det, istallet for att bara inse att nuet ar nu, vi behover inte jaga det. har ocksa sovit gott, 10 timmar och vaknade innan klockan. jag forsoker lara mig detsamma, att lyssna pa kroppen, pa hjartat, pa sinnet. vi borjar om! kramar

sanghamitra, so was it refering to a real memory? the ox? or was it that, a symbol? i dream a lot lately that is repetitive, and wonder what is the symbol of those dreams. haven't solved it yet. life will, with time, i hope, provide me with answer. much of love to you, wise woman.

monica, yes! i do! in between many other things i do. it is lots of fun, and sometimes a bit stressful. i guess i enjoy the milking more.

ilse! ik kan je blog niet berijken! kram

nathalie, hahah, yes i guess so, sometimes there are actually some real adventures happening..this is supposed to become a tube scarf. one fine day. hopefully before the swedish winter. ♥

merel, hakuna matata :) ja, heel gooie combi!

demie, hmmm...i don't feel very brave. actually i am often quite a fearful person. for instance, i am still very scared to walk alone in the dark. it never seems to pass. but maybe my inner truth is to become brave??? :)

Iris Vank said...

Ik moet lachen om je foto's: de heerlijk relaxte hond en de skittles op een rij. :) Maar wel een eng verhaal zeg!

(Ik heb een Canon 5d mark II gekocht. Grote aankoop, maar geweldig resultaat!!)