Saturday, October 20, 2012

once again, disconnected

david bw

…no computer, hence no internet, but instead: spending a lot of time with this little man. giving his parents some time to sleep or to get on top of things again,

froggy prince

listening to a choir of frogs singing at random hours,

patrice huis

receiving wonderful snailmail from the lowlands and this wonderful woman, among other goodies this beautiful wooden home to always carry with me,

tea poetry

and some tea poetry (life is only one thing: identifying yourself) to go with the yummy dutch cookies,


making spicy sauce with homegrown chilies and cilantro,


cleaning up the mess with this very amusing assistant,


and trying to photograph a scorpion hiding inside a lampshade, thought it turned out pretty artistic.

scorpio 2

can you see him now?

is there anyone out there? i feel disconnected. life is full of paradoxes. letting go of the virtual world means arriving in reality. love to you all and happy to be back!


Yaelian said...

Hejsan Sara! Vilken söt liten kille! Det är bra att bara vara i den riktiga världen ibland.En stor kram!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, dearest Sara, I am here!

Your pictures... are they real?
Could it be that you really has met the scorpio? I would have run! screaming!

In my opinion photographing and blogging are close in a kind... beeing out of reality... but both depict reality...
Sometimes something from this virtuality becomes reality: a little house! Isn't that fantastic?!
And, I'm a lucky owner too... so we are neighbors :))
I love that idea, my dear.

Lots of love and laughter to you,

Julia da Franca said...

sweet sara, i am here
and we are neighbors too!
so we are connected trough the same wonderful person, how beautiful!
one day we have to make a big meeting
and we all bring our houses!
x♥x julia

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

it is quite a cut up world, at times... virtual as opposed to literal. i'm sure i have those fleeting moments, especially at night, i see myself walking, rather than i actually walk; a kind of twilight zone or moment, but i think it is an inner something.

i don't know about the mundaneness of that scorpion, i'd freak if one'd be sitting in my lampshade, but then a again, a time and place...

Patrice A. said...

he, he!
lieve sara
kijk, dat huisje hoort daar gewoon!
zo tussen schelpen en een uiltje
vlaggetje erbij
ik vlieg naar finland
en op zondag weer terug
kort, maar ik heb er heel veel zin in!
en ik ben hier

Patrice A.

annika said...

Jag är här! Och vilken skorpion, så läskigt! Låter som fina dagar. Här är det GRÅTT. Men varmt inombords ändå. Stor söndagskram

annton beate Schmidt said...

I am here too, feeling equally though. sometimes days are like this. and then I'll catch a bite of your pictures & suddenly know, I do not feel that different. what a gift.

demie said...

love your photos Sara as always!
that one with the scorpio made me a bit worried...

Glad you are connected again ;)

barbarabeesblog said...

Dear Sara, this cute little guy is a little heartbreaker - so sweet!

And I discovered this sweet phantastic little house and I'm a lucky owner too and it makes me happy every day! Like Julia said, we are close - and somewhere in the virtual reality is this nice little street, with all our houses next to each other, where we can have a nice cup of coffee or tea together, talking, laughing, beeing together!
Love + hugs

sarapirat said...

yaelian, visst ar han? och absolut, kanske ibland ju mer desto battre, jag vet inte? (den riktiga varlden menar jag) kramar

ariane, hey you dear! yes this is all real! hihi, there are quite some scorpions here so i am not so afraid anymore. and big hairy spiders. and wild boars..snakes...but not all at the same time i promise! how lovely that we are owners, with bee and julia too! love and laughs back!

julia, nice that you are around, and that you are back after your break.a big meeting would be much fun! lets try to arrange it sometime, for real! ♥love,

woolf, yes, fleeting moments, do you also have those on edge of falling asleep thougts/dreams that are so wicked at times yet real? scorpions are to be respected, but i am less scared these days. i guess it is true what they say, we get used to anything!

patrice, wauw, geniet in finland! lekker drop eten en pulla! of hoe heet dat weer in het finns? ja het huisje past heel goed hier. ik vind het onzettend mooi. knuffel en nog een keer bedankt!

annika, fint att du ar har! gratt men varmt, later bra! kramar till dig

a beate, never know which one to emphazise, annton or beate? it is indeed a gift, to feel connected through this spiderweb of virtual world. and there are many connections. sometimes i just doubt my existence here. as we all do at times. ♥

demie, thank you dear! don't worry, this one is not a lethal kind i assume. :) and we released it far inside the forest! hugs

barbara, i believe one day he will be a huge heartbreaker. something about his energy tells me so. and i like that idea, or houses next to eachother, a little minicommunity, sharing moments of life. hugs to you!

Nanna said...

gillar dina bilder skarpt! Fint att titta in här..

fröken L said...

Jag är här!!!
Har sms:at och mailat, men då har du inte nåtts av det alltså? Och inte möjligt med Skype-dejt heller...
Åh, vad jag längtar tillbaka när jag ser bilderna!!!
Älskar dig, saknar dig!!!
Pussar och kramar i mängder

fröken L said...

Jag är här!!!
Har sms:at och mailat, men då har du inte nåtts av det alltså? Och inte möjligt med Skype-dejt heller...
Åh, vad jag längtar tillbaka när jag ser bilderna!!!
Älskar dig, saknar dig!!!
Pussar och kramar i mängder

La Dolce Vita said...

The child is so cute ! so is the little girl ! Her eyes are beautiful and is that a tattoo she is wearing on her hand ? Interesting ! So, you are babysitting ? Good for your friends/the parents, they do require a helping hand so that they can get some rest.I love the chili and cilantro photograph. I also have similar sea shells/conches like you at home.

annton beate Schmidt said...

I know what you mean, but questioning our existence is part of exactly that, I guess. btw. annton it is, the name I am most comfortable with. a long story behind. beate stayed from my given name. we shared the same birthplace, beate & me, but annton is where I am at right now. ok, this kind of weird now, haha. <3