Sunday, October 28, 2012

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vägskälrainbowvägskäl 3

a rainbow at six o’clock in the morning. a beautiful start of the morning.

and now, a new week,finally starting the course in buddhism that I have been longing for, and once again getting back to the studio and rehearsing before leaving to italy and poland. busy bee countryside bee, take it easy in the big city, bright lights.



Yaelian said...

Wow,en buddhist kurs,det måste vara interessant.Var är det?

Seraphina Theresa said...

It is Hamburg. Funny is, although I live here, I didn't see a lot yet. So...I don't really can have a favorite place over here. Last Friday I spontaniously went to the inner city with my camera, alone. It was a new experience for me. But I am glad about. It made fun and I like to have some pictures now from Hamburg. But I didn't make photos at the places I know, but I went to streets I've never been before.
P.S.: I like what this window looks like in the rain.

Seraphina Theresa said...


Ariane Reichardt said...

Love your view, dear Sara!
Wish you a good course in buddism and Italy and Poland.

Love to you
x Ariane.

Iris Vank said...

Wat vróeg! ;) Geniet van deze week, ondanks de drukte. Ik ben benieuwd naar de cursus!

Anonymous said...

do take it easy but have loads of fun! I'd be interested in your study of Buddhism....

fabulous pictures! xo

annika said...

Åh vilken spännande kurs! Du får gärna berätta om den sen :)

demie said...

ah! The rainbow. I love rainbows
They make me happy : )

Merel said...

Fijne week, Sara Piraat, met een goede balans tussen inspanning en ontspanning. Wat een liefde in je foto's!

till-vidas-ara said...

låt inte de kraftiga ljusen...du vet! du har allting där, i dig, hos dig..alltid alltid, och om du inte känner det så maila mig..
kramar Lycke

Elle said...

Why will you leave to Italy and Poland? So lucky! My grand mother was polish and I've never been there...

Elle said...

Why will you leave to Italy and Poland? So lucky! My grand mother was polish and I've never been there...

Chrissy said...

Beautiful travels. XO

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

busy bee indeed :)

i was out the other morning, looking for a rainbow. looked like a day for rainbow, but no luck.

when are you leaving for italy? i cannot believe i never get to see you. when will you be in tlv?

sarapirat said...

yaelian, ja, väldigt intressant! den hålls i klil. med stephen fulder som är grundaren av tovana om du känner till? kramar

s.theresa, one of my favorite things to do is to enter the city, alone, and aimlessly walking around with my camera, having a coffee, it more! and get to know your city like that, sounds like a beautiful way of doing so!

ariane, thank you dear! will keep you updated! love

iris, ja, meestal heel vroeg vakker hier. eerste meeting ging goed gisteren, wordt spannend, de cursus!

sarah, i will tell you more about it if you like to! felt at home at the first meeting yesterday.

annika, ja det ska jag! känns som en viktig investering som jag gör, bara för mig...fint! kramar

demie, rainbows, wow, they are extremely fascinating. like many other 'things' in nature. amazing to be in a world like this...

merel, dankjewel! ik probeer de balans te vinden inderdaad. liefs

lycke, åh jag har inte mailat dig på länge. kanske ska göra det?! vore fint att skriva lite mer öppet och intimt. antar att jag kommer att ha tid till det i italien och polen, när inga diskberg, tvättberg, getter, grönsaksland pockar på...hihi kramar

elle, i am going on a tour, performing in bologna and in lublin! where in poland was she from`?

chrissy, thank you, i will! i hope! xx.

trinsch, i will actually be in t aviv tomorrow before flying. rehearsing and we go! i want to meet you. perhaps in november? are you working again in the center? or at home? will you go to denmark for xmas? love

La Dolce Vita said...

Beautiful pictures of mirror enveloped in mist.
Dear Sara, I also read your last post right now. Enjoyed looking at those homemade yummy food photos and the last one- a cup drenched in rain...loved those rain droplets falling in the cup. Dear friend, thank you for your feedback in my blog...I am lagging behind in my thought of writing here.
I remember you capturing photos of your favourite plate, yes definitely ..that white plate with deep blue border , is that one you are talking about ?
And about the concept of God , It would be appropriate to call it "divine" rather than "God" I know ..but I sometimes use the layman's language/ common word so that everybody can identify...You have raised a very important question " How to define God ?' But then again, whats in a name ? Each one of us see the Divine from our own perspective...that is why, in our culture God is often called as "The formless"-you can give it any shape,form or is such a versatile concept like water "that takes the shape of the container in which it is put...yet never loses its own properties ".
About you taking a course in Buddhism, I want to share that I too read a little bit on it...and also zen principles...there is another school of thought too from is called "Bon". There is an excellent book on this subject called " The Tibetan Art of Serenity " by Christopher Hansard. You will love reading it . Very simple yet profound book. You can finish reading in a day or two. It will help you in understanding the course better.
Sending love to you,

Anne said...

goed bezig, bezig bijtje :)
fijne vooruitzichten allemaal!