Friday, October 26, 2012

and then came the rain


wet and green and some yellows on the withering cherry tree. eating homemade halumi cheese with homegrown veggies on a toast. i am happy about the rain and thinking about/analyzing my dreams. and singing a long-distance birthday song for my mother.

may it be a healthy, peaceful weekend.


Jael said...

Ha en härlig veckoslut du med!
Har du lagat själv halumi? Hur gjorde du det?

seraphina theresa said...

How beautiful!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Visually beautiful.... & beautifully poetic !

erleichda said...

Hei kjære Sara!

Good you are smiling to the rain!

god helg : )

Unknown said...

always so glad to meet another rain person.

Marieke said...

Heel mooi. Zo rustiek :)

Iris Vank said...

Lijkt me moeilijk, ver weg van je moeder. Fijn dat er internet is.

(ik ben wel benieuwd of een droomanalyse iets oplevert!)

Anonymous said...

a peaceful rainy day is the best day....glad you're enjoying it to the fullest.

again, I can feel you...just by your photos.

Happy weekend!

annton said...

gosh, sara, your rain looks like music! beautiful.

sarapirat said...

yaelian, ja vi lagar halumi, man gör det med antingen ett enzym eller vinäger. god blir den!

s. theresa, thank you! i also find the rain very beautiful.

sally, nice to see you again! hello! and thank you.

demie, god helg själv och vi dansar i regnet eller hur?! kramar

monica, hahah, me too! especially since i meet so many that are not into it...

marieke, rustiek, mooie word! :)

iris, ja, is het ook mis haar en mijn familie heel veel. en mijn droom analys...nog niet :(

sarah, nice to be feeled! thank you! have a wonderful week.

annton! (now, i know!)it was somewhat music in this rain...i guess there can be music almost anywhere. if you are listening careful enough.

till-vidas-ara said...

hej kära. hoppas helgen har blivit..är sådan..! förstår att regnet är gott där. har alltid tyckt så mycket om regn. löser upp och lugnar. den krispiga frpsten också fin, klarar tankar, mår gott i kroppen..kärlek till dig..


sarapirat said...

lycke, hej rara lycke, har varit och kikat på dina tapeter, vad fint! kramar så länge..

annton, i can't find how to enter your blog anymore? can you help me?

Stephanie Precourt said...

Love this series of photos. Love.


martita said...

i LOVE this set of pictures. specially the last one. with the cup and the rain. is it cold now in israel? and when it rains? in barcelona it's been raining a lot lately, and it is starting to be cold. and my house doesn't have heating! so i'm preparing tea all the time and wrapped in blankets