Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I went down and up and down again


14.10 no delayfontänkängor

getting ready for november and the polish winter. there are so many things to observe and so many things to experience. a vast life all in all.


Yaelian said...

Bra resa Sara! Hoppas det inte är för kallt där...Kram!

Iris Vank said...


Miss Upsey Daisy said...


annika said...

Hoppas du får det lika bra som bilderna visar :) Varm kram

barbarabeesblog said...

Busy dancing queen bee, can't wait to see what your experiences, your special view and adventures will look like.
Have a safe and nice trip!

martita said...

saritaa!! i'm back here! and lots of beautiful posts full of great pictures and interesting thoughts!! nothing better for a autumn morning! <3 love to see you reflected in the metro window!!

demie said...

Hello my travelling bird!
enjoy your adventures
love you

Magdalena Nowak said...

Oh sara, what beautiful picutres you have posted here! love the last ones! and what have i read? you are heading to poland? where are you gooing there and for how long? you know, I was born there and spent the first six years of my life there. how much would I love to join you. So in which part of poland will oyu stay? I wish you a beautiful and sucessful time there. hope the people will be nice to you and show you poland from its best. its totally worth it!

big hugs, yours,

sarapirat said...

yaelian, italien är skönt! soliga höstdagar...polen blir nog lite kallare...brr. kram

iris, dankjedankjedankje! :)

miss ud, nej, inte än. skönt!

annika, kramar!

barbara, will update soon! bacio from italy

martita, gracia guapa, what about you? saw some photos on facebook and enjoyed them a lot, i miss your posts, will you be back on the blog soon? besos

demie, thank you! the book travelled with me! love

magdalena, wow, where are you from? do you go back often? i will be in lublin this time. for a whole week! first performing and then teaching in a workshop. curious to hear more about your history, there and elsewhere.
and hope to see you back on your blog soon?! any good recommendations for poland? xxx.