Monday, June 18, 2012

taste my summer

picnick  birdie 2 matos  brilliantold yafoharbor icecream

sweet and busy days. and now almost late for work. but for a brief moment i had so many things to write about. like the wild boar safari and sleeping in the woods, and confronting yourself with your fears and picking up the phone. isn’t life just like a quilt made out of thousands of different pieces? i have said it before, sometime, somewhere. you would say ‘brokigt’ in swedish. according to the online dictionary it can be translated into motley.  

gotta go! hugs.


Patrice A. said...

those first three
so beautiful together!
I like
the word motley

ja, het leven is bont
en veel
en wisselend
soms net een achtbaan

en nee, de zomer is
hier nog niet echt


annton said...

urban poetry. beautiful!

trotsig said...

Vilka ljuvliga bilder! Jag får en härlig känsla i hela kroppen. Våga Njuta.

erleichda said...

I think it's a talent to say it all only with a few words...

Hugs to you to my dearest Sara <3

Mireille said...

Wat een ontzettend lieve eerste foto!

Unknown said...

Oh I love the first picture, so pure! I love the way you write things down. Where did you sleep in the woods? (If I may ask?)


Unknown said...

lady you never cease to amaze me. you must be from another world im certain. so much talent, spirit, and celestial light. we need to find you a gallery QUICK!!!! LOVE YOU!

Unknown said...

lady you never cease to amaze me. you must be from another world im certain. so much talent, spirit, and celestial light. we need to find you a gallery QUICK!!!! LOVE YOU!

annika said...

Exakt! Brokigt är vad det är. Ibland lite dovare färger, ibland lite ljusare men ändå en mix. Önskar dig sköna dagar och lite av allt men mest det ljusa förståss :) Stora kramar!

Gracia said...

I always enjoy your juxtaposition of imagery. All strung together like one fantastical necklace. A motley gathering. A complete picture. Happy, bright, exhausting, new sun days to you.

nathalie et cetera said...

I love how you put your photos together! this series is fantastic. Love the one with wings on the wall.

What a shame your trip here was canceled. If you ever come to Montreal, please let me know!

Magdalena Sander said...

oh dear sara,
your summer tastes so bright!
AND you are so right, a quilt...

warmly hugging you.

till-vidas-ara said...

ååh ja.. precis så är det! livet i tusen olika bitar, skrev just lite om det, i mitt lilla liv men ändå stora. så många sidor. och jag älskar dina bilder idag, fågelbilderna, den översta..helt underbara, talande..så galet bra!!! hoppas du hinner få lite hav i själen också ***

kramar om, Lycke

outi said...

beautiful shots Sara!

summer is here too. preparing for the midsommar. soon celebrating the nightless night.
big hugs and greetings also from our tiny one who is hanging on my shoulder at the moment :)

lamediterrània said...

Brilliant, that's what your pictures are!!

I love your June, i love your thoughts on life being a quilt...
I agree with that. And I'm happy to allow you into my quilt, because you fill a little corner of it with quietness, with beautiful images and sweet feelings.
Wishing you the greatest days, the strenght to confront your fears and the love to keep on filling your days :)
Big kisses, and thank you as always, Sara!

Lilli said...

Now you made me want more babies... more and more and more. Somehow, the bird looks so content; I wonder about that...

I am sorry that I haven't been in touch lately. My blogger account has been hacked. It has been quite a challenge to fix it, and I have been afraid to spread the problem.


sarapirat said...

patrice, leuk, bont! nieuwe word voor mij, net zoals motley.
ik heb nu vrienden van vrienden hier die nederlands met mij praten, fijn is dat! een beetje oefenen! liefs♥
p.s ik mis nederland!

annton beate, you have such a special name, i like it! :)

trotsig, vaga njuta, fint skrivet! tack..

demie, i practice that too some times! :) lots of love back

mireille, ja, mooie moeder en mooie kind! prachtig om fotos van te maken.

ilse, i slept just behind the house, which is a few kilometeres from lebanon! it was too hot to sleep inside... :) love

b, oh i love you! what more can i possibly say! thank you dear...

annika, och detsamma till dig fina! kramar

gracia, a motley gathering, a necklace, how nicely put! ♥

nathalie, for sure i will! it was a real disappointment i tell you...we really looked forward to it.

magdalena, yes a very nice summer so far, and also quite busy. i am very happy to see you back! love

lycke, igar badade jag i havet. sa himla skont. det ar som healing. verkligen. lakande for sjalen. stora kramar till dig!

outi, oh the tiny one! must be such special days for you... and i am curious about her. lots of love

lamedi, oh so happy be a part of your quilt and you in mine! so many wonderful parts in our quilts. life...

lilli dear, how nice to see you! sounds a bit crazy, why do they hack a blogger account? and now? do you have a new blog? i also wonder about the bird...just dropped dead like that? something about the posture looks very sudden. kram och puss

Iris Vank said...

Jee, weer zo prachtig. Vooral de combinatie van de eerste drie!