Sunday, June 24, 2012

a cup of tea and the morning turtle

teamorning turtle 

hey 24th of june, here we go!~ i am on my way to meet two strangers today, friends of a friend, which is always exciting.  yesterday i met another stranger, which was this little turtle who was chilling in the garden. there are a few wild ones strolling around over here, if you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of them munching on a zucchini somewhere.  and a dear friend of mine came back from far away, she was so pretty with her cup of tea and cigarette in the afternoon light. i am also closing circles and reconnecting with people i have lost on the way. it ain’t over until it’s over and only then can it start from a new beginning again.    


Ariane Reichardt said...

Beautiful pictures, dearest Sara!
The morning tea with cigarette with that smoke and light and her giggling, marvellous...
Than the mojo turtle, ha, there will be fortune with you, honey!

So meet friend, new and old ones, makes us feel more complete, isn't it? Have a good time, my friend.


Iris Vank said...

Mooi weer. Bijzonder inderdaad, nieuwe mensen ontmoeten, maar ook oude vrienden weerzien. Fijne zondag!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder sometimes if there is ever a beginning or an end to this circle of life we find ourselves in :-)

Love the candid nature of the first and curiosity in the second :-)

K R I S T I I N A said...

love your photos in your blog! All taken by you!! wow. you are very talented. you got it in the eye


Patrice A. said...

hey june!
vriendschappen zijn zo waardevol
oude vrienden met wie je samen
opgegroeid bent
nieuwe vrienden met een verse blik
ik vind de eerste foto prachtig!
die rooksliert
de uitbundige lach


zarnab said...

turtle was chillling..oh!i wish i could be turtle so that can enjoy :p

La Dolce Vita said...

Two completely different pictures but beautiful in their own way!
The light and shades,the smoke and the spontaneous smile gave an amazing dimension to the first photograph.
And the turtle is so cute:-)

till-vidas-ara said...

härliga ord om det med cirklar och livet, fick mig att känna glädjepirr och tänka på hur aldrig något egentligen slutar eller är över och hur tiden är samma både igår och imorgon och för hundra år sedan..den där helhetskänslan..evigheten och amen med kärlek..
vill för övrigt också ha en morgon- sköldpadda :)

kramar Lycke

martita said...

sarita!! long time not in touch! i'm always so happy to see your pictures, they have this beautiful atmosphere...loved the light in the first one!!
i remember you where curious about time banking in my neighborhood! so i thought you might find interesting this article about the social initiatives that have appeared within the 15M movement!
i would love to have your opinion, pequeña!!


sarapirat said...

ariane, makes us feel more complete indeed. we are in the same boat after all, right dear ariane?! lots of love and hugs

iris, het was een fijne zondag, die hele dag lekker nederlands aan het praten! ♥

geoffrey, life goes on and on. and so do our spirits, right? or?

kristiina, hey and welcome, thank you very much!

patrice, hey hey hallo! ik heb de laatste tijd echt zin in een meeting met jou en andere blog vrienden. misschien in de zomer in zweden met die zwedse bloggers? en volgende keer dat ik in nederland ben...KOEKELA!

zarnab, hey and welcome. maybe you can enjoy even not being a turtle? :)

la dolce vita, you know this friend of mine on the photo is soon going to india for ten months, to work there. so i hope i will finally go to visit her!

lycke, vi hade en skoldpadda nar vi var barn i vendel. brukade ta med honom till badet. och pa husvagnssemester pa oland. en dag nar vi var ute i tradgarden med honom forsvann han. vi letade och letade. det var sa otroligt sorgligt. cirklar och evighet. aint over til its over...kramar fina

martita, what a very interesting article. i love this idea of time banks! amazing! can i find you there? and you wrote this article by the way? impressive! would love to hear more about it, or even better, to see for myself. love and hugs and p.s so nice to see you here again!

Candy Bling Blogger said...