Monday, June 4, 2012

one,two,three,four,five little toes


i spared you the details. (you might remember my fascination for dead animals, documented here and here?) which now reminds me of the documentary about sally mann photographing corpses in a research park. perhaps those squashed road kills are my way of creating some sort of relationship to death, which still remains a weird, foreign concept. might be a twisted way, however…

… look at the detail of his/her feet. that’s what captured my attention to begin with.


Iris Vank said...

Ik vind het ook mooi, dode dieren. Al moest ik wel even slikken toen ik het vogelhuisje in ons tuintje openmaakte en daar twee dode vogeltjes in zaten..

lamediterrània said...

Hey Sara, it's been a long long time since I visited you for the last time.
I've been out of the blogworld for months, and it's always nice to come and see how you spent the months beautifully, as you always do.
I wnat a life like yours, specially now, when I have millions of plans and things to do and need some time to experience nature and slow life...
Big kisses and thank you!

Patrice A. said...

het is prachtig
en het leven

lieve Sara
ik heb je een
Liebster Blog Award gegeven
zie mijn blog voor meer

Patrice A.

Unknown said...

I don't like dead animals, especially if it's yours. If I see a dead cat or Hedgehog on the road my stomach shrinks together. But I can understand your fascination about that ;-) x

Geoff said...

I think road kill holds a certain fascination ... it's life snuffed out through misadventure with humanity and our obsession with uncaring machines to transport us around. It's a senseless and useless death for a beautiful creature. We didn't kill it to eat it or wear it or collect it ... it just dies because it got in the way.

Thank you for your visit today :-)

Unknown said...

artists, of all types, have always attempted to find a way, a connection, to death, and life. capturing some essence of it is something.

annika said...

Döden ja. Den vi alla måste förhålla oss till. På något vis. Mitt sätt har varit att läsa Den Tibetanska döds- och livsboken. Helt fantastisk.

Merel said...

Ik herinner mij die docu ook. Het was afstotelijk en fascinerend tegelijk. Mooie pootjes, op je foto, en fijn dat er wat te raden overblijft!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
my brave heart, you have the courage to look at it.
And you show it, considerate.

I give you a Liebster Blog Award! For more please look at my place ;-)


erleichda said...

Your fascination with dead animals and your efford to understand death, awakes thoughts and feelings through your photography. You are an artist.

Sara ~Snövits äpple~ said...

Hej Sara! Så fint att få följa ditt liv i London. Du tar så fina fotografier och så är du duktig på att skriva tycker jag. Kram Sara

Julia da Franca said...

dear sara, i like twisted ways and views. feel that fascination too, it's such a mixture, between beauty, and endless darkness, the dignity of a creature...
love, julia

nathalie et cetera said...

I have a similar fascination with dead animals... It has to do with life and perpetuation of life. This dead animal will feed other animals which will die too. I find this cycle very fascinating and a bit reassuring...

Jenny said...

vilken häftig bild, längtar efter dig och efter riktig sommar, annars har jag det bra.

Julia said...

Sara, när kommer du till Sverige igen? Kram

sarapirat said...

iris, oh waarom dood? heb je ook fotos gemakt? liefs

lamedi, so come and visit! that could be one of your plans...chill out over here for a bit :) happy to see you back though! hugs

patrice, en ik ben zo blij daarvan! maar een beetje laat met alles. toch niet vergeten! dankje lieve vrow,! knuffels!

ilse, i see what you mean. once my neighbor told me to collect the parts of our cat that just got ran over. i was around 9 years old or something. traumatized. but still... i end up photographing them, when i do not know them.

geoff, yes, just cause it got in the way. so called. but collecting it would be just as bad no? almost? and eating it, well that is the question. how and by who?

monica, yes, something for attempt of understanding i believe.

annika, jag har last delar av den. kanske provar att lasa den igen?! kramar

merel, is een mooie docu toch? ik heb ook fotos waar je niet veel hoef te raaden...maar toch voor deze gekozen..

ariane, not sure i am that brave but i try. or something. thank you my dear for the award, hope you saw my comment from today. not much here these days but i will be back. love and hugs!

demie, wow, thank you. so much!

sara, tack sa valdigt mycket! du ar rar. men jag bor inte i london! utan i israel...kram!

julia, contrasts! of life! they are fascinating, right? love back

nathalie, the cycle is important. these days, i think i would just like to be burried the way i am. to become rich soil and feed the earth again. before that thought seemed quite disgusting somehow.

julia, hej du! jag kommer nog i augusti! ska vi forsoka oss pa en blogg happening? kram

jenny, jag med! langtar efter dig! vad menar du med riktig sommar? vader? ledighet? kramar