Thursday, June 21, 2012

fabulous family


look at these four. mamma pappa barn.

what could be more important than your family? if it is not your biological family, then your extended family of friends and community. i am so grateful to have both. a big bunch of lovely people,spread around the world, that i love to bits.

update: svenska bloggvänner, i slutet av augusti/september är jag i sverige, vad sägs om en liten happening?


anna said...

välkommen hem du vet :)

La Dolce Vita said...

great capture of a significant moment !

annika said...

Happening! ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅH säger jag bara!

Rachel said...

I see a lot of summer love. Mama and babe snoozing and bonding is just about the loveliest thing in the world.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
your family pic is great! Lush and archaic... simply beautiful.

Thank you very much for your b-day wishes! You're right, its fantastic to have friends all over the world (beside family).

Liten happening en augusti? Do you fly over Hamburg :-)


Yaelian said...

Vilken härlig bild! Familj och vänner,de är båda så viktiga.Jag är i Finland i juli.

Ilse said...

I know family is important but beside my husband and children I don't have family :-(

So nice you go to Sweden, I'm there too in that period ;-) Would be nice to meet you once, but think in Nederland would be better ;-)


sarapirat said...

anna, tackotack! :)

la dolce vita, thank you very much~!

annika, aaaaaah (fast utan pricken!) eller hur?!

rachel, summer love indeed. i love to watch them, the two of them. and how their love is growing, day by day.

ariane, oh i wish! even though i might be going to eckenforde. but for a shorter weekend. would have been fun to make it an international meeting aswell...

yaelian, ja det ar du! harligt! hur lange stannar du?

ilse, sorry to hear, but hopefully you have friends instead? would be very nice to meet. one day, i am already longing to go to the netherlands again.

Patrice A. said...


die foto kan zo in een
sjiek tijdschrift
of komen uit een film
zo, zo prachtig!
bijna te mooi
om waar te zijn

en ja, kom naar Nederland!
naar Rotterdam
koffie drinken met lekkers
bij de Koekela
(zoek maar op!)


Julia da Franca said...

dear sara, oh what a beautiful picture!! and its no surprise that a lovely, unique person like you has both kind of families! big hug, julia

barbarabeesblog said...

Hi Dear Sara, this pic looks wonderful like a fairytale - I wish I could jump in right away.
Happy family greetings!

demie said...

yes Sara! nothing better!
I am spending the day today with my son, who has just finished second grade. This morning we danced in the kitchen to celebrate and later we are going to have lunch
at a lovely place we have discovered : )
I asked him if there is something he wishes. A little gift 'cause he has been such a good student all year and he said : No. Not really. I got everything I want!
oh! and and please dear Sara! come to Norway! Come to Norway! ... you know you've got a place to stay : )

Saphia-Resa said...

Great that you're so happy! I wanna say that I've answered on my blog now, like you do it. Just want to let you know.


Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

javisst är det underbart med familj- både biologisk och icke-biologisk så att säga. Åh, fint att du kommer hem till Sverige! Var i Sverige kommer du vara då? Skulle vara trevligt med träff tycker jag :)

Geoff said...

Family is essential ... if only for the sense that someone loves you unconditionally :-)

Great pic too btw :-)

Candy Bling Blogger said...

I feel like this is a scene from Family Robinson or something. This is definitely a fav for me SDUB

Evelina said...

Åh happening säger jag med! :)

sarapirat said...

patrice, ook bij jou geschrijven, dat ik het zo grappig en leuk vind dat je koekela aangeven, want het is een van mijn favoriete plekken in rotterdam, dat zou zo gezellig en lekker zijn, daar samen cheesecake eten! oh wat mis ik rotjeknor! ♥

julia thank you dear for your kind words! love

barbara, happy to see you back again, hope you are well?! love,

demie, that sounds so great, dancing in the kitchen together. he sounds like he is a sensitive and intelligent boy. norway would be wonderful, haven't been there since 2006. and thank you for the offer! hugs

saphia, thank you, i saw it but coming back to read it again. hugs to you

sara, jag ar i uppsala trakten, visst ar du ocksa det? kram

geoff, yes, even though i believe unconditional love is perhaps not lacking conditions. or? maybe. not sure! :)

b, welcome to the jungle! kissing and missing

evelina, eller hur?! vore kulkulkul! kramar

Vanessa said...

Ik vind je foto's zooo mooi ♥

sarapirat said...

vanessa, wow, dankje en welkom!

Toril said...

Hej rara du...hur har du det? En happening säger du..vågar vi..undrar jag? hahahhaa...
Jag finns på instagram om du vill å har möjlighet att följa mig där? bloggen kommer att finnas kvar naturligtvis:)

sarapirat said...

toril, ah, jag blev sa glad nar jag fick boken~
men, vagar, jaaaa, saklart! fragan ar om vi far ihop det? jag kan tyvarr inte vara med och leka pa instagram, for jag har en telefon som man typ vevar igang. vet du om man kan folja utan att ha en superduper telefon? kram

martita said...

ay sara... this beautiful picture just make me dream about being more in contact with nature, this feeling when you're in a place like the one you picture, silent, and you just hear the sound of the water, you just feel the touch of the sun on your skin, you just realx and breath...sometimes i miss that in my day-to-day life, sometimes i feel lost, without a place to find myself. i need to go see the sea soon, i think!

Anne said...


Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

Hej Sara! Ja jag är också i Uppsalatrakten, i Uppsala närmare bestämt. Tänk så fint det vore med picnic, knytkalas eller något sådant. Kram Sara