Saturday, June 2, 2012

the wedding decoration, the van, the silhouette

the weddingthe vanthe silhouette

look at those eyelashes. like made for butterfly kisses.  

hey it is june! summer is here! i am trying to figure out what is really important, right here and right now. perhaps a few iron pills and a week of sleep? i feel ok but everyone says i look tired. well, life can make one tired, no matter how beautiful and exciting it is. wild boars, cherry trees, making shelves and baking bread. fitting schedules and planning ahead (which is way not my strongest side) dreaming repetitive dreams and filling in applications.

welcome june, may you be sweet and tender.


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

hello you in june. i had cherries for the first time this season. lovely.

i'd like to come see you this week. it was tues, right? need a where and a when, though. and it's just me.

Saphia-Resa said...

The first picture here has something magical and the third one seems very impressive to me, this is just beautiful. I love them both. Wish you to have a good start in june.

Iris Vank said...

Heeel mooi, romantisch! (en dank voor de link, prachtig liedje)

Evelina said...

Yes let's have the best June ever! :) Love

Yaelian said...

Ha en riktig bra juni och hoppas du hinner vila också! Stor kram!

demie said...

You photographs are full of contrasts. Just like life.
Rest or stop listening to what other people say ; )

love to you!
and may June be good to everyone

Patrice A. said...

lieve Sara
wat een prachtige plek
om te trouwen
en die gekrulde wimpers, mmmm
ik wens je een mooie juni
vol zon op je huid
en een warme bries door je haren
dat je mag opladen en uitrusten
ik geniet nog na van gisteren
van mijn ontmoeting met Nadine
en Ingrid


sarapirat said...

trinsch, happy you are coming! see you soon.

saphia, thank you and the same to you, i will drop by any minute! :)

iris, ja toch, mooie liedje die past bij je post! veel liefs en dankjewel.

evelina, let's! chouette! kram

yaelian, absolut, gor mitt basta for att hinna det med! kram

demie, hahahah! either or! liket that one. love back

patrice, oh spannend is dat, blogmeeting (toch?) heel fijn is dat, om het in real life te doen.
zon en bries klingt goed, en passend. veel liefs, en grote knuffel!

Miren Iriondo Photographie said...

June is a precious month. It rests and loads the batteries as I say.

Saphia-Resa said...

maybe i would add. but now there's no love anywhere. that's why i wish for someone who take away all bad that is around and especially in me. because maybe it's better to be empty, than just be filled with shit and no love.

Candy Bling Blogger said...

Another great one boo! I love you and your eye for beauty! You rock my world!

Candy Bling Blogger said...

Another great one boo! I love you and your eye for beauty! You rock my world!

Eefje said...

Wat een wimpers, wow! Ik hoop op een hele mooie juni, vol met liefde en fijne verrassingen.

annika said...

Låt oss hoppas på en mild juni. Men annars får det bli fint ändå. Kramar om en gråkall måndag i juni :)

annika said...

Låt oss hoppas på en mild juni. Men annars får det bli fint ändå. Kramar om en gråkall måndag i juni :)

sarapirat said...

miren, that sounds good to me!

saphia i am so sorry to hear. i might sound stubborn though cause i doubt you are only filled of shit...very much so. it is enough looking at your photos and looking at the world around me. it is not that simple. you might feel like shit. and you might feel loveless. it does not mean it is true. wish i could fill you with better feelings, but i doubt i can. instead, many hugs-

b, thank you dear, you as well rock mine!

eefje oh ja, verassingen! hoop ik ook!

annika, mild trots pepprig hetta har...och precis som du sager sa far det bli fint anda hur den nu valjer att se ut. kramar

Geoff said...

The first picture I like very much ... it speaks of transience amongst decay ... of hope amongst ruins.

The silhouette is lovely too ... butterfly kisses most definitely!

Anne said...

mooi daar!!

keishua said...

sweet photos!

outi said...

welcome June! and wow your photos, beautiful!

i also feel tired. not too much sleep last days, weeks. but somehow it´s different kind of tireness than ever before. although i have no idea how long can one keep on going like this, with such a little sleep..? well, all the mothers in the world keep on going, i guess...

tjatja, some iron for me too;)

lots of hugs!!!

nathalie et cetera said...

these 3 photos are gorgeous! love the first one a lot!

Gracia said...

Beautiful images.

Beautiful words.

"wild boars, cherry trees, making shelves and baking bread."

Love the sights and sounds of your June.

Here, winter is a comforting cloak and I am also taking iron vitamins to give me pep.

Enjoy those summer long days and bright, bright times.

Anonymous said...

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