Wednesday, April 4, 2012

for everything there is a first time


yesterday my friend gave birth to their son and i was lucky to be present. it was probably one of the most amazing gifts i have ever received, to be part of such strong and extremely intimate experience. it made me feel and think a lot...still overwhelmed i am digesting the experience.

another premiere was making my first quilt for the baby. no perfection but made with lots of love.   

cheers to that: new experiences, new life, new chapters. ♥


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Congratulations, sara!

Your quilt is beautiful....just as sharing in the birth was a beautiful .....& life affirming experience for you!

Welcome to the world to this sweet new soul!

Iris Vank said...


Patrice A. said...

wat fijn dat je erbij kon zijn
want dat wilde je zo graag
en zonen zijn de beste! ;^)

je quilt is prachtig
vooral omdat je deze met liefde hebt gemaakt
voor een bijzonder jongetje



Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
congratulations (please, even to young mother and father)!
Some happy ends are wonderful starts for something or somebody... new! Welcome little boy!

I'm happy for you! And a little bit its like you are still in that special area? In that space where things happens with us and without us, they just happens. Wondering.

Your quilt is wonderful, pretty and full of love.

xo Ariane.

Jael said...

Det måste ha varit en fantastiskt upplevelse! Och vilken fin täcke du har lagat!

Monica said...

that must have been so amazing. it is bound to leave a person highly affected, and pondering many things/feelings.

made with love is always the best.

Anne said...

bijzonder! gefeliciteerd!

annika said...

Vilken fantastisk gåva, att få delta men också att våga det. Wow till dig. Men jag förstår att hon valde med omsorg :) Grattis bästa Sara!

nathalie et cetera said...

what a great experience!
and the quilt is gorgeous, so are the socks!

Pascale said...

What a news !
yes, yes yes, to news and new ...

outi said...

wow and yey, congratulations for the new born person in this world! and also of course for the parents and all the love ones near by <3

And so beautiful quilt you have made! i made a sleeping bag for my coming tiny one. far from perfection, but the thing; made with love, is more important, i think:)

sarapirat said...

sally, thank you! still euphoric! ♥

iris, dankjewel! liefs!

patrice, dat weet je zeker! het was inderdaad zo mooi dat ik erbij kon zijn. wat een geschenk! liefs

ariane, yeah, in THAT area. which is simply bigger then us. and also somewhat like joining the mystic club of mothers.... lots of love to you

yaelian, det var det! tack och kramar

monica, yes, still busy digesting, what a life!

anne, dankje♥

annika, fantastisk! kramar♥

nathalie, thank you! the socks are bought in japan. love them too!

pascale, cheers! :)

outi, oh a sleeping bag, show us?! do you know what is inside? and if not, does your female intuition tell you something? i am so curious!!! love

Madeleine said...

jag vill också göra ett lapptäcke men jag drar mig för att det verkar så svårt. är det svårt? du har valt mycket fina tyger. glad påsk!

Theresa said...

A true blessing!

outi said...

inside the sleeping bag or inside my belly;)
about the gender, i have a strong feeling it´s a girl, but i guess it´s because i am a girl? S. has a very strong feeling that it´s a he, which might be cause he is a he.. it´s still a mystery for us, and that´s also nice. something stays as a secret till that premiere day, or how could one call that..?
sending lots of love to you too!!!

elianne said...

Wat bijzonder! Dan mag ik je ook feliciteren, toch?
Zou je zelf kinderen willen krijgen?
Vind je deken prachtig

Eefje said...

Wat mooi dat je erbij mocht en kon zijn! En wat heb je een mooi cadeau gemaakt.

sarapirat said...

madeleine, nejdå det är inte så svårt, men utmanande! ;)

theresa, indeed, it was and still is!

outi, oh yes, what a mystery! i am also so curious about the name. and if you have suggestions. my friends where so sure it would be a girl that they did not think of many boys names. and now...they are waiting for the 'right one' to pop up! sleeping bag! show us! ♥

elianne, mag je zeker! oh, kinderen en ik is een ingewikkelde verhaal. maar tja, ik denk toch dat ik het begin te voelen. dat ik wil...? of tenminste mijn lichaam!
ik vind JOU deken prachtig!

eefje, ja heel mooi!

Rachel said...

i adore your quilt! Imperfections are charming and always means handmade.
what a gift indeed to be present for your dear friends birth. Wow.

sarapirat said...

rachel, indeed imperfections are charming! thank you for reminding!

anna said...

cheers :) och jättefint lapptäcke!