Saturday, April 28, 2012


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there are posters hanging in tel aviv/yaffa with the sentence: ‘are you an urban creature?’ and each time i see them i feel like heidi from the mountains. no, i am not an urban creature, but if you let me walk the streets i like to walk in the pace i like to pace, finding urban treasures and getting lost with the people i care for you will see a pretty much happy mountain girl. enjoy your weekend folks, enjoy the last days of april.


Jael said...

Fina bilder igen:) Hinner inte komma att se din föreställning den här gången,men kanske någon annan gång.Kram!

till-vidas-ara said...

underbart där! du ser så mycket, alltid! och ja, vi måste mailas snart, sådär ordentligt igen :) fortfarande förkylt och lite grinigt här, men strålande sol. livet...

kramar Lycke

seraphina theresa said...

this pictures are just beautiful. you have a good eye for photography; for beautiful still-life motives, but also for moments of living, which are really impressive. i'm wondering where you live. would you tell me? or are this photos from any vacation trips?

nathalie et cetera said...

great series again. love the banana photo!
I am a real urban creature. was born in a city, always lived in one and hope to die in the city too. well i think i would enjoy dying in a log cabin too :)

martita said...

WAAAAOOOW...sara. i don't have words to describe these pictures. madre mía, they do bring me emotions and feelings!! they're beaaaautiful!!
i can't wait to go to israel. i am planning a trip in the near future (hopefully), one of my friends just went there and he came back amazed. so i have to go as well!
i am an urban creature as well, i always lived in a big city. but i would prefer to live by the sea. maybe i'm more a sea creature or something like this.
love to you sarita

sarapirat said...

yaelian, nästa gång är nog den 5ejuni, om du vill och kan? kramar

lycke, det måste vi! och nu är det vår på riktigt antar jag?! med valborg och allt, vårfestival! hur firas det hos er? kramar

saphia, thank you for your words.i live in israel. right now. but i am from sweden, and lived earlier in the netherlands. in israel i jump around a lot and lived in
different places.

nathalie, yes, the bananas, loved them too! it was our producer who put them like that before our performance, the usual energy snack! log cabin, oh that also sounds like a nice place...perhaps a log cabin in the city for you?

martita, thank you sweet! perhaps in a city by the sea? guess you would love tel aviv. the great mixture of a not too big but very energetic on happening city, on the beach...come here! and let me know when you do! you have a place to stay! and it is a very fascinating place to travel in. ♥

S said...

Your photos are creative and I love the spontaneous way you shoot them. My favourites are the coffee cup, hand imprint and the bananas forming a circle. I love the street photo shoots too which reflect the bohemian lifestyle of the people. The man looking at the sea and that green background behind the glass / drink - I like the angle of these shots. The photo of the shadow of the chairs is also very interesting. Love the 'life' and 'movements' in all your photos, even the stationary ones !
Keep it up!

S said...
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Miren Iriondo Photographie said...


You have very good eye for photography!! Transmitted very much by the images. The place where it extracts the photos of the post Nature is La Rioja, in Spain. 4 days free, without work and went away there.

sarapirat said...

la dolce vita, thank you again, you give such thoughtful observations that i am very happy to read.

miren, thank you so much! how were your 4 days of vacation?