Saturday, April 21, 2012


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i loved to watch this woman from behind. her dreaming gaze, her bare feet, the scarf in her hair. taking a break at the seaside.

i am also taking a break today. (hoping no one is capturing that from behind…)staying in my pj’s all day long. drinking fruit shakes while thinking about this and that. i say that’s legitimate when you are having a busy week ahead of you. hugs to you all, wonderful people.


annika said...

En stor kram till dig och hoppas din helg blir långsam. Fridfull. Och med massor av god mat!

Karin said...

I think that's a wonderful way of spending your day. Enjoy!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love these photos!

Have fun hanging out in your pj's, a perfect kind of day!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
that’s legitimate, of course! And wonderful. Its a date with oneself!
Its a need.
Tomorrow I'll have my date... in PJ's, nothing to do... maybe reading a book ('Bonjour Tristesse', Francoise Sagan, finally), maybe sipping Latte Macchiato, looking through this special window, blogging... my husband will be out with the kids for some hours.

I hope one day as an old woman I'll sit at the ocean having a break like your woman on the bench.
Pretty image.

Enjoy your date

Patrice A. said...

zo te zitten aan het strand
op een bankje in de zon
met blote voeten
kijken en verder niets

vorige week was ik naar
een uitvoering van Scapino Rotterdam
en dacht aan jou


outi said...

hugs to you too wonderful Sara, and have a good brake!
i´m also taking it easy today, enjoying the sun and having ice-cream. finally FINALLY it´s also warmer here!

elianne said...

Oh zo wil ik oud worden, ( maar veel vaker zou ik zo mijmerend willen zijn, alle rust )

sarapirat said...

annika, karin and sally,
thank you! it was a great *but oh so short day* with plenty of tasty food indeed...

ariane, i hope your date was enjoyable. time on your own, especially as a parent, is so essential! love!

patrice, oh, en hoe vond je de voorstelling?

outi, enjoy the warmth! which ice cream did you have?

elianne, ik ook!

lamediterrània said...

mmm breaks. I take them too often these days :)
I spent the whole last year studying for my last year at school and for the university entrance examinations, and I felt so guilty at any time when I wasn't studying. I tried to take some breaks but it was impossible to relax because I had much tension.
This year I take things a bit more relaxed, I have my break everyday after lunch, I sit in the sofa and watch Tv, or read, or draw, or read blogs. And it actually works on me. I'm more positive at everything.

Hope you enjoyed your break day! Big kisses to you, wonderful, beautiful observer :)

Patrice A. said...

Scapino danste onder andere Kathleen
dat zagen we eerder vele jaren geleden
maar het was weer prachtig!

en volgende maand gaan we
naar een dansvoorstelling van NDT 1
ik word zo gelukkig van dans

till-vidas-ara said...

Guuud vilke underbara bilder! du är fantastisk kära du! måste ta mig ut och fota mer igen. så mycket sittande inne. du inspirerar verkligen så galet mycket. och bra med vilan, hoppas det inte bara blir speed :) ojoj, nu vaknar Liten igen! han är förkyld stackarn..inte långa sovstunder.

kraaam Lycke

nathalie et cetera said...

beautiful calming photos. i hope your had a very relaxing day. it's my plans for today. wishing you a good week!

sarapirat said...

lamedi, i hear you, breaks are essential for finding the energy back again. so enjoy it! without the shame! hugs

patrice, wat leuk! geniet ervan!

lycke tack kära för dina ord, kom med mig ut! så går vi på fotosafari! det vore något... hoppas liten blir kry snart. stora kramar!

nathalie, thank you, have a good rest!

outi said...

i have had several ice-creams, almost one per day, no matter if it had been rain or sunshine lately;) today i had vanilla soft ice in Ikea. ha haa, can you imagine!
Which ice-cream you like..?

sarapirat said...

outi, i am all into yoghurt ice cream! it has always been one of my favorites, and usually one flavor which is always in my coupe. then i like dulce de lece a lot and creamy caramelly flavors! raspberry. passionfruit. that might be my top favorites. and once i had this amazing licorice flavored ice cream in italy! wow! or the pine honey ice cream i had once...oh you got me started...

La Dolce Vita said...

I must say that you did a wonderful job here ! You have captured with great depth and sensitivity the mood of the woman resting , her back and her feet ! We can see only a glimpse of her feet and her back but that is enough to tell us the whole story behind this capture .
Thank you for sharing these great moments!
take care

outi said...

pine honey ice cream sounds extremely goooood. now when you are soon heading to Italy you will have excess to the ice cream paradise! italian ice cream is maybe the best i have ever tasted, all those numberous variations.. yammy..

Anne said...

wederom: MOOI!!