Wednesday, April 11, 2012

there and here and here and there

_MG_0699kruka_MG_0681shower   _MG_0672

eating the first ice cream of the season (yoghurt and passion fruit), disturbing someone’s cigarette break, talking to plants, finding patterns here and there, walking in the forest, feeling my muscles, writing rhymes while dreaming, thinking about far away friends, writing and sending letters, drowning in the fresh bloom of lilacs and having a similar loop of questions like then (add a few new ones, subtract a few old ones, mix and stir). that’s where i am, halfway through april, how about you?


jane said...

Truly wonderful...

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
I'm just back from the woods, have talked to the first wood anemones, young fairies and undine.
Sometimes when more questions than answers comes its good to live the questions... and dive into fresh blooms of lilac as you do. Great photos (the smoking woman! the wood)!
I look at the framed photo of you in the pretty dress and smile.

Love and hugs,

Yaelian said...

Hej Sara;du skrev någon tid sedan att du hade några svenska böcker. Hinner du träffas nån dag ? Kram! Jugurt och passionsfrukt,mums!

Evelina said...

Jag höll på att skriva att det hade varit intressant att få dela dina tankar men så kom jag på att min värld just rämnat och den jag är just nu bara är full av tårar! Men en dag när min hjärtesorg har lagt sig, för det kommer den att göra så kanske det hade varit hur trevligt som helst. Kram

martita said...

i wake up and drink dark coffee, go in the streets of the city, i think how madrid can be so polluted and so beautiful at the same time...go out of "work" and i walk around under the sun for some time, discovering new corners. i feel lost and fine at the same time. and today it rained, so when i was coming home there was this beautiful scent in the air, of fresh city...
i like to know how your april is like. mine, full of questions as well :)
love, sarita

Magdalena Nowak said...

oh sara,
it sounds like a good first half of april for you. I had to smile while looking at your first picture. i know these skullheads. so many years ago a friend of mine gave me a selfmade necklace made of them, ha...!

The second picutre is coooool, the colours are great, the same in the third picutre! from your mornig shower? :D

and the woman is looking so relaxed in your camera. She certainly enjoyed talking to you!

my april is unfortunetly not that easy it was one year before, but hey, i am healthy and I have to look up and go on someway.
I am thinking about a trip to cambodia. have you been there? malaysia andborneo was so amazing last year, that I cant get enough of the south east asia...

kisses to you my bloggerfriend!

demie said...

Dear Sara,

always good to take a look at your picks and read your words... Enjoying my blogbreak, asking questions,smile at the rain, stir and mix as you say ; )

lots of love

Pascale said...

WOUAH, really...The top 3 pics are lovely together... Such an atmosphere... You're good !
By the way, you speak french ?

Pascale said...

No... the 4 top pics...
I mean the last one is good too, but i am talking about matching pictures !-)

Monica said...

how wonderful to walk in the forest, hat head-clearing, what connection.
i try to cut loops, but it takes time.

Patrice A. said...

lieve Sara,

de vragen zijn dezelfde
als die ik mezelf stel
maar niet te lang
want somberte ligt om de hoek
halfweg april is mijn lief jarig
ik ken hem al 25 jaar
en hij wordt alleen maar mooier ;^)

ik vind je foto's weer prachtig
dat mistige, vergrijsde
beetje dromerig

Julia da Franca said...

lovely sara, i have much more questions than answers, its a crazy month to me, to my brain, my heart... nothing real bad, just strange and exiting. i always feel so presented when i'm here. love, julia

outi said...

that third photo is amazing. like from a dream.

here; getting guests, cooking and eating, working and thinking when to stop working, listening and feeling my body and that someone living inside, receiving presents, preparing for a gig, where i´m heading right now;)

Have a good weekend dear Sara <3

lamediterrània said...

How funny, my sister has a bracelet with those same skulls in the first picture.

Sara, honestly, you tranquilize me each time I pass by, I love the way you transmit anything with pictures and words, you really reach me :) I find your daily life full of beauty and I'm happy that you actually want to share it with us -I'm always saying it, but it's the overwhelming everytime I visit your blog that makes me be such a pain in the neck-.

By the way, I 'nominated' you over at my blog to join a sort of chain post, it consits on writing 5 andom things about you. It would be nice if you joined if you find some time :)
Big kisses and thank you as always for giving me my daily dose of calm.

Jenny said...

Underbara Sara!!!
Jag har inte tittat på din blogg på länge, gillade så mycket dina tankar om språk, jag skulle verkligen vilja fördjupa mig i det med dig i framtiden. Vi är sjuka hela tiden, influensor, magsjukor, förkylningar går runt runt runt och nu senast har Leo fått vattkoppor, prickig som Pricken och kliigt värre. Men vid god psykisk hälsa dock, så det är inte synd om oss, saknar dig dock, tusen miljoner!

sarapirat said...

jane, :) thank you!

ariane,dear, that sounds great! and i like your advice, to live the questions... funny that i am hanging there somewhere, on your wall. love!

yaelian, absolut, i veckan? eller nästa? kram

evelina, åh stackars dig. vad mer kan jag säga? måste göra så ont...kramar, ta hand om dig!

martita, you are also experiencing contrasts...i do not know madrid very well. would like to though! sleep tight, besos

magdalena, no, i had the feeling your month is not so easy right now.phu...! i hope next month will be better? that you can keep your whiskers high but also accept the pain in between. kisses to you back!

demie, you are missed, i miss yoU! but you deserve a break, for sure. love! ♥

pascale, thank you so much! i was speaking a bit, but forgot a lot. once i even spoke quite some...i will try to practice again! :)

monica, yes, it does! i try it too. those loops...

patrice, wauw, dat is zo mooi te lezen..dat he nog mooier wordt. en dat jullie al elkaar zo lang kennen. hoe gaan jullie vieren? veel liefs! ♥

julia, strange and exciting, hmmm, curious! let's see what may will bring? it goes!

outi, i am curious about your name suggestions! and that feeling you must be experiencing right now, of sharing your body with!

lamedi, and you always make me SO happy with your words! it makes me want to share, your comments...thank you thank you thank you! i will check out your nomination of course, how sweet of you! ♥

jenny, vi får ta det någon gång, är nyfiken på hur du tänker där som är språkintresserad och involverad. saknar dig jag med! och hoppas ni blir friska snart... kramar

Rachel said...

i had a few of those skull beads way back when...i wonder what ever happened to them. i think they came from mexico, yes?
enjoy spring!