Sunday, December 4, 2011



evelina has dressed me up for high tea. i got a package full of goodies, dresses, cups and intimate words. how amazingly sweet isn’t that?!

the high tea consists of freshly squeezed orange juice and witch brew (onions, lemon, ginger and honey mixture) and the lady left her beautiful green creation and got back into her pj’s again (pj=pajamas, this one is for you, outi!).

as a matter of fact, she is not the most entertaining hostess right now, coughing and sleeping most of the day, but the cookies are tasty and the intentions are good.


Evelina said...

Åhhhhh du ser ut som en dröm i klänningen. Vilken lycka att den passade. :) Och jag har en kopp kvar - tänkte att vi kan ha teparty över nätet en dag! Nästan som att träffas i verkliga livet.


Jenny said...

Verkligen jättefin, både flickan och klänningen. Vad brun du är!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Your dress is gorgeous, as is your tea cup.

I hope you feel better soon.

Merel said...

Mooie jurk... ziet er uit als een fijne stof! En dat heksendrankje... het theekopje maakt veel goed... brrrr!

demie said...

i love that green dress
the tea cup
the goodies
invite me too next time
please ; )

Patrice A. said...

wat een prachtige post!
letterlijk en op internet
ik ben verliefd
op je jurk
die theekop!!
de koekjes

Anne said...

oh die jurk!

Eefje said...

Het ziet er sjiek uit. Mooie jurk en dat kopje wil ik ook!

gracia said...

Good intentions twinned with such biscuits... so lovely together.

mama-T said...

i just stumbled upon your blog, and i have to say i really like it! your photos are amazing, i love the small snippets of random beauty!

till-vidas-ara said...

Guud vad fint! du ser så himla fin ut vännen, vill se ännu mer av dig *** och grönt ser verkligen ut att vara din färg. koppen ljuvlig och allt annat med. hoppas du är frisk nu! här är mellanbror sjuk och Liten just så pass frisk och jag gediget frusen :)

varma kramar Lycke

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Dina bilder öppnar nya dörrar åt mig. Det är fantastiskt.

annika said...

Så fin du är! Vilken klänning! Vilken kopp! Vilken Evelina!

martita said...

sara!! wow it seems ages ago that I received post mail.. it must feel great to wake up with a nice package full of sweet things waiting! Yesterday it was raining the whole day and the whole night, but today I woke up to a beautiful blue sky! (and unfortunately a 0º temperature! ;) )
I'm going back to madrid because i need to finish my studies the next semester... i only had one semester free so i could come to germany.
i will be one semester in madrid and then... i have no idea! i want to travel and live in another country, but i don't know where yet. i'll guess it with time, i suppose.
i wish a really nice start of the week!! i love to come to your blog as always.
besos! hope you're better from your cold as well!

outi said...

you got all that in a package?! you lucky girl, sounds and looks very good!
And thanks for the information, till now on only thing that came in to my mind of Pj was Pj Harvey, but pajamas is also good;)
Get better soon!

Pella said...

Wow, fina bilder blev det i alla fall, hostandet till trots! Och oj vilken street art nedanför. Jag älskar alla som förskönar med gatukonst sådär!

lamediterrània said...

That is such a beautiful dress!!
And the cookies look delicious.
And that mural in the last post, is BEAUTIFUL! My university is full of them but they haven't got those inspiring words.
And your monthly photo synopsis... I love them all, your photos from Novembre and all your monthly photo synopsis! You send me warmth somehow, and you transmit appettite for life. I like the quietness in them, the sweetness of your life that seems to happen in orange-lighted gorgeous places. It makes me think of wood, I don't know why.
Thank you Sara for these amazing pictures, you make me want to learn how to live a life like yours.

sarapirat said...

evelina, gärna teparty över nätet! har druckit nästan allt ur dom här kopparna dom senaste dagarna. och klänningen, tänker att jag ska fira jul i den. med färgglada ben kanske? kramar

jenny, du är rar! lite brunare än förr i tiden, men kanske också ljuset på bilden. puss

carmel, thank you! i do!

merel, die heksendrankje is heel lekker hoor! :) hihi

demie, you are very invited!

patrice, het was echt een heel mooie cadeautje! ♥ kom je ook lekker thee drinken?

anne, mmmm! :)

eefje, die zijn zweedse kopjes! heel mooi! ♥

gracia, especially the good intentions part is important. no more planning, but many intentions!

mama-t, thank you so much! nice you dropped by and left some words..and i am curious about your place kenya, germany, and then what??

lycke, tack, jag kryar långsamt på mig...grönt är min 'nya' favoritfärg. och jag älskar manchester, så den passar verkligen toppen! men det får inte bli för många kakor, då klarar nog blixtlåset inte av det! :) håll dig varm! kramar

miss ud, du ger alltid helt fantastiska komplimanger!

annika, vilken evelina! ♥♥♥

martita, i realized it is one of the great things with living abroad, you have the chance to get more post. but it is often also a matter of how much you write and send yourself.... if you give me your address, i will write you a letter!!! hope you will have a great transition. farewells can be difficult, but you can always come back, right? what are you studying? ♥

outi, fair enough! listening to pj while wearing my pj's sounds like a great comBo!
hope you are feeling well, resting..staying warm!

pella, tack! då måste du komma hit, så mycket vacker gatukonst här!

lamedi, wow, thank you for your words again. you make me very happy and a little bit blushing! :)
and funny how it made you think of wood, you will understand by my next post i hope! it is also lots of fun for me to go back and look at the previous years of the same months. that way, photography makes more sense to me, all that grasping of moments, it comes handy to show to myself where i have been and where i am now.
if that makes sense?!

Evelina said...

Du ger så mycket glädje kära Sara! Att du kan bli så glad över klänningar och koppar gör min; just nu lite gråa och trista, vardag guldkantad!

elianne said...

mooi, mooi, mooi.
Wat zit jij goed zeg ( zie dat bij mijn dochter ook, goede houding ) ik hang in mezelf:)

martita said...

dear sara, i think one of the beautiful things of blogging is the posibility of meeting (virtually) really lovely people, like you. I love love love your sensibility and the little details you show from your life. well, after this declaration ;)..i'd love to exchange adresses and i could practice my post mail as well.
i'm in my last semester of law and political science.. does it sound boring? and now i'm in a huge mess with my future. too many ideas and too little money :)

and after writing such a long comment...good night!! :)
muchos muchos besos!!

barbarabeesblog said...

you look so phantastic in this dress just wonderful!

sarapirat said...

evelina, tack fina! det gör du också! kramar

elianne, niet altijd, maar probeer het te onthouden, mijn houding. komt ook door dansen.

martita, what are your plans then? i think many ideas are not a problem, and even the money thing can be solved. or at least, you can find creative solutions. on the other hand, i know what you mean. it is easier to preach for others than to yourself! :) so, where can i find your mail? i will check your blog! so that i can ask for your postal address! fun!

barbara, thank you!! ♥