Friday, December 16, 2011

gifts x 3


i am spending the last couple of day making gifts. and while making, also receiving some. like julias collection of surprises with the sweetest smell *and taste*, already penetrating through the envelope and filling the postbox with a cloud of happy scent. made me so very happy!

did you know that the petals or stigmas of the flower on the second picture is what you make saffron from? saffron must be my favorite spice of all. in five days i hope to eat a bunch of swedish buns with saffron. and that there will be plenty of snow by then.

i also had my first pottery class this week and worked some more in the carpentry. i hope i earned enough to buy myself some winter shoes. since dried out wellingtons are not water proof no more and sneakers won’t do the job in the north.

enjoy your weekend guys! love and thoughts to all of you♥


Marguerite said...

fijne dagen, jij!

Yaelian said...

Vad du sen är duktig! Snickare och nu keramisartist också:) Härlig resa till Sverige och hoppas faktiskt att du får se snö! Ingen snö i Helsingfors heller..

demie said...

så flink du er!
and its just lovely to receive something on snail mail
especially when it smells good ; )

i hope you will have some lovely time at home in Sweden

Merel said...

Dat lijkt me nu lekker om te doen, potten bakken! En oh, thee met snoepjes, ook fijn. Goede reis & droge voeten, Sara!

martita said...

ay captivating pictures again!!! they seem to transport me to another world!! they make me want to travel around. muchos muchos besos!! and get your feet warm! :)

Julia da Franca said...

oh no dear sara, now i want to send you some good shoes!! and a s always, you make me want to travel,
i always enjoy it to see the world trough your eyes/pictures and thoughts... love,julia

Patrice A. said...

ik zou willen ruilen!
dan ga ik pottenbakken
doe de was met bloemen op de machine
wapperen mijn kleren in de wind en in de zon
en drink thee, veel thee

x uit koud en winderig nederland

outi said...

wow, never seen a saffron flower before. i didn´t have any idea how they grow.

you are soon coming to the north, welcome! how long will you stay?
here in Finland everywhere else is snow, except this very south coast where we live, blah, a bit boring.. but i hope there where you go will be lots of snow already.
Have a good weekend <3

Saphia-Resa said...

you are so right with your words, sarapirat. thank you.
oh and i like the last photo a lot!

elianne said...

hele fijne dagen!

Anne said...

fijne dagen ook van mij! x

Eefje said...

Wat leuk pottenbakken! Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat. Prachtige plaatjes heb je weer gemaakt. Fijne zondag nog x

nathalie et cetera said...

pottery class! how fun!
love the dress drying photo and the last too! you are full of talent!

lamediterrània said...

I love the way you make everything so special, like buying winter shoes or taking pictures of saffron flowers.
You're a complete artist: dancing, pottery, wood...
What an interesting mind you must have :)

sarapirat said...

marguerite, hopelijk ook bij jou?!

yaelian, hihi, ja, wannabe i alla fall! god jul! åker du till finland? kramar

demie, it is! and smells, i wish i could collect them in jars... merry christmas to you, hope you will enjoy the break.

merel, het is zo leuk, potten bakken! dankje merel, fijne feestdagen wens ik je! liefs

martita, i think about the fact that you are perhaps already back or just in the last moment before leaving...sending you some strength. thank you for your words! ♥

julia, thank you so much! come here, you are welcome, i will invite you for tea and a long talk!

patrice, graag ruilen of misschien leuker als je meedoet?! kom! knuffel.

outi, i am staying til the beginning of january. so excited! waiting for the snow, which i hope hope hope will come. and you, when are you leaving? enjoy!

saphia-resa. we could probably talk about it for hours. need to find where to put the energy to make something better and to change those habits. ♥

elianne, ja, zeker weten! :)

anne, en ook voor jou! zag de film, leuk leuk!

eefje, dankje wel. vandag de pot geschildert, voor dat die in de oven gaat. spannend! ♥

nathalie, thank you SO very much! pottery is lots of fun, i hope i will keep doing it.

lamedi, you are amazingly generous with your words, make me warm all the way inside. thank you!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
ah, to do pottery on a wheel is fantastic, isn't it?
And: Are you already on your way to Sweden?
Have a nice flight, sweetheart.

fröken blund slår dank said... vill jag bara bara bara att det ska bli sommar när jag ser alla dina vackra bilder. sommarvind. hujeda mig så vackert ord. vintervind...nja, inte samma. Kram och värme, sommarvind...

M Violetta said...

Dear Sara - very happy festivities to you over the holidays - i hope it is filled with all the things you love... and that the new year continues to provide you with more and more opportunities in creating and making! Mika

martita said...

dear sara, perhaps you're already in sweden? i hope you had a nice flight!! I read your words here exactly the night before leaving and i appreciated so much the energy you sent me :). thanks. now i'm back in madrid but i'm happy to be in my city (despite the farewell. they make me hate airports a little bit). i wish you a really nice time, guapa! lots of kisses!!!

sarapirat said...

dear ariane, yes, arrived in sweden yesterday! so happy to be here.
and pottery was love at first sight, or lets call it touch, for me. do you do it aswell? love

frkn blund, hahaha, nej inte samma sak! själv är jag lycklig över att snusa på en hyacint och titta ut på vinterlandskapet som är så fint och soligt idag. hoppas att det inte blir en grön jul! men kom ihåg, det vänder snart...kram

mika, thank you and the same to you! warm and harmonies days. with the people we love, and a rich year to come!♥

martita, guapa, welcome back! i also arrived here. last night. so excited to be here. i hope you will have a great holiday back home. a great christmas a mean. and a soft landing. besos!