Saturday, December 3, 2011


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‘if i gave up my arms, could you teach me how to be happy?’

‘just give your love, no matter what!’

have a great weekend, love and snuggles to all of you. i think i won’t leave my pj’s today.


demie said...

i love it my little Pirate!
this is more inspiring that all the clever quotes i `ve collected for years now...
and amazingly well drawn ( or should i say sprayed...)

enjoy your weekend xo xo xo

Yaelian said...

Vad fina de är:) Var är de?
Ha en härlig weekend Sara:)

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

Are they here in israel? Really beatiful.
I'm leaving for dk the 16th but will return the 26th. Not too long but it will be good :) and you? Are you going? Can we meet before? And did you hear back from the tax authorities? Let me know if you want someone to take a look at it, husband will help if he can. Xo

Iris Vank said...

Wat een mooie muurkunst!

Marguerite said...


geniet van de dag, wij vieren hier allen (eindelijk nog eens samen thuis) sinterklaas vandaag!

annika said...

Åh, tänker på Offret, filmen av Tarkovsky... Tänk om det krävs ett offer? Men jag tror egentligen inte det man kan få både ock. Tänker jag. Och önskar dig en skön helg i pyjamas, jag har min på fortfarande!

Patrice A. said...

wat een prachtig maar ook verdrietig werk, al is het prachtige het belangrijkst
ik ben er stil van
die vleugels
die uitdrukking van de gezichten
de tekst

en ja
zometeen gaan we het vieren
met gedichten en maaksels
de gedichten vaak wat pittig
maar op de goede manier
veel lachen
en daarnaast veel lekkers!
ik heb er zin in


Jenny said...

Fint, tänker på dig! Ha det bra

sarapirat said...

demie, i wish i knew the name of the one who did it! i was truly touched when i saw it...
this is a sick weekend. snotty snotty coughing coughing! xxx♥

yaelian, i hamnen i yaffo! kramar och ha en skön helg du med

trinsch, yes they are in the harbor in yaffo, check them out once you are in the neighborhood. i am going on the 19th or 20th, something like that. meeting would be great. i have quite some time until then. right now iam sick though, need to kick it out! thank you so much, i am talking today to my accountant to see where it is standing right now...brrrr.and then i might be very grateful for your husbands advice. xx.

iris, ja toch!:)

marguerite, oh wat leuk! geniet ervan..

annika, jag vill nog tänka som du. försöker komma förbi offer-mentaliteten som sitter så inpräntad i oss... kramar!

patrice, ik weet niet de naam van de kunstenaar, zou het graag willen weten.
het lijkt mij heel fijn, pittige gedichten en lekker eten! vooral lachen! fotos?! ♥

jenny, och jag på dig! varma kramar

Julia da Franca said...

... great drawings, going to write the second sentence right into my heart! hope you enjoyed a happy making pj' day! love, julia

Pascale said...

Have a great PJ day !-)

outi said...

have a relaxing weekend you too Sara!
ps. what is a Pj..?

martita said...

sara!! i'm sad to hear you're sick! a cold? i always get sick like five times during winter time :(. yes now you got it straight: i'm spanish and leaving in germany! but only for two weeks more, then i'll go back to madrid. Does chestnut soup really exists? Wow. I love chestnuts. Hope you'll get better soon!! Sending you energy from here. besitos

sarapirat said...

julia, i did that aswell, wrote it into my heart!and i am still in my pj's, hahaa! ♥

pascale, thanks! i will!

outi, pajamas! ♥

martita, five times? i think the past years me too, a couple of times at least...and i feel i get sick more than i used to, but not sure.
i had chestnut soup in switzerland. it was really tasty. also they sold smoothies made out of chestnuts. they have this chestnut fetish thing going, hahaha! thanks for the good vibes. besos back!

fru a said...

ooooh vad fina! varifrån? fyllde på min önskelista över bilder jag vill ha av dig :) julklappen kirrad, jag kan framkalla dem själv!!!
du är i gott förkylningssällskap... krya på, puss och kram!

...tatjana... said...

love the ART from herakut. amazing!

linn said...

spektakulart konstverk