Friday, December 23, 2011

…and then some swedish delight

_MG_7545_MG_7508_MG_7560 _MG_7519

it looks a little bit like eatable clouds on these pictures but actually the snow is rather grey and wet by now. still delightful to me.

i am listening to arabic christmas songs, they are my favorite. two worlds combined in one. the arabic version of jingle bells is hilarious, it sounds like they sing ‘lelijke eend’, which means ‘ugly duck’ in dutch, or what do you say dutchies?



Makeminemidcentury said...

Are you in Sweden? I love it when you go home.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Me, too...
dear Sara,
my mother's heart cheers when you are at home in Sweden. At Christmas... with snow... and wonderful delight. Chris Rea 'Driving Home For Christmas' in my ears.
The first pic is my favorite... its a perfect image for HOME.

Merry Christmas...

Patrice A. said...

ach, die eerste foto!
zo uitnodigend en welcome
het voelt als thuis
met die fijne gordijnen
dat beddengoed
en de sneeuw
ook al is die nat en grijs

geniet van het thuis
laat je omwarmen
en opwarmen
een hele fijne kerst!


Saphia-Resa said...

how incredible images. love the atmosphere a lot, here in germany isn't a single snowflake coming down. may it sounds curiously, but i don't longer gave a thought to that in shrivled flowers is also beauty, you have really reminded me. thank you.

Rachel said...

Sara, what a magical place to be right now. That last photo of the snow is unreal. Though part of me wants to stomp through it, how could I disturb those lovely clouds?

Merel said...

Lelijke Eend op repeat hier in huis. Geweldig is die!
Er is een kerstkadootje in je email.
Fijne dagen... maar dat zal wel lukken, gezien die gezellige foto's.

Iris Vank said...

Ik val in herhaling maar weer zoveel moois op je foto's: ik hoop dat je onwijs geniet van je tijd met familie!!

elianne said...

fijne tijd daar ( sneeuw is fijn ipv natte grijze dagen )

sarapirat said...

carmel, YES YES YES! i am! i love it are sweet. :)

ariane, the mother heart indeed. you have some very homy christmas pictures at your place today. wishing you a fantastic time. love!

patrice, het is wel bijzonder naar fijf jaaren weer kerst vieren met de familie. fijn! wens je mooie dagen lieve patrice.

saphia-resa, thank you! by now the snow really melted, it will be green and shriveled after all. but, indeed also beautiful.

rachel, i felt the same, only finding the trace of some hare who jumped by. but by now the clouds are gone anyhow...i guess tomorrow will be green and wet. ♥

merel, ja toch?! vind ik suger gaaf! lachen! en was zo blij met spinvis, nu aan het luisteren, dankje!

iris, dankje wel en heel fijne kerst ook voor jou! ♥

elianne, zeker, maar nu wordt het nat en grijs. :) oh well!

Saphia-Resa said...

can imagine what words you get, there are some invidious ones. but i haven't made it, just share.

martita said...

saraaaa!!!ooohh christmas in sweden looks sooo beautiful!!! hopefully i'll post some pictures of how it is in madrid soon, but it's really different ;). i would also love to have the chance of drinking a coffee together and telling each other about our lives!! i'll tell you about istanbul soon! (long story ;)). lots of kisses and love sarita!!!