Wednesday, December 7, 2011

postcard from the woodshop

beit melecha_MG_7086 _MG_7034 _MG_7046

all i see is wood and i smell of varnish. i just spent two long days working in the woodshop again. if you decide not to let it frustrate you, it is rather hilarious that i recently get paid more as a novice carpenter than a professional dancer. even with a bachelor of arts and 6+ years of experience in my luggage. it is a funny, strange world. where goats nibble on your fingers and you earn your money doing things you officially do not know how to do. *but you learn!*


Patrice A. said...

ja, de wereld zit raar in elkaar
goed en slecht
mooi en lelijk
en leren
we moeten veel leren

werken met hout is fijn!
de geur alleen al
ik heb mijn vader vroeger vaak geholpen en nog steeds word ik blij van de geur van hout en hars

dag mooi mens
fijn te merken dat je bent opgeknapt!


Rachel said...

and learning is what makes us happy and what makes us grow. good for you! you're a jane of all trades...

barbarabeesblog said...

Yes thats true. If you are a banker or some other important animal in big industrie you get paid a fortune even if you ruined the whole company. But what we know about the past is through art and science.
So I vote for artist getting paid MORE! To inspire someone serves others, it can elevate the spirit, thought-provoking or just enjoy. To see you dance, is certainly such a moment, but maybe it serves the same purpose to see you do carpentry. ;)

demie said...

yes it is a funny world!
but working with wood ( and learning more about it )
must be a new and exciting thing...
i think

love your shots as always

love xo xo xo

annika said...

Konstig är världen! Men dina bilder är också underbara, fast du inte är en professionell fotograf :)

Iris Vank said...

Dat is inderdaad bizar. Fijn dat je ervan geniet op z'n tijd!

Yaelian said...

Så du är nu en snickare också:)Det kan vara så orättvist ibland..
Kram !

outi said...

yep. i can understand. with a master of theater arts and years of experience, and i still get asked to work for free... artists work for pure joy, eh? and don´t´really eat too much, right;)
But seriously, i have sometimes thought that learning as carpenter wouldn´t be too bad? but it´s quite hard work also?

Anki said...

Ja, dat zijn rare dingen... hout lijkt me een fijne materie om mee te werken, het ruikt ook zo lekker. Xx

Evelina said...

Jo tack... många som vill ha sina bilder gratis!! Och helst fria rättigheter till bilderna med, få göra lite som de vill med dem... suck! Livet som artist är inte lätt.

Julia da Franca said...

dear sara, my comment about your wonderful green dress post got lost in space, in this one i can smell the sweet goat, and totally agree, artists must get more money... have a good day, ♥ julia

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear surprising Sara,
its a wonderful work! And, I totally agree with you and sisters here, that artists must get more money and credit!
My kids have two goats at school: Nelly and Track. All the schoolkids look after them, class for class weekly. Nelly and Track are very hoggish: if you don't be on your guard they will eat your gloves...

xo Ariane.

fru a said...


sarapirat said...

patrice, oh ja het is zeker heel fijn, ik heb zo genoten! de geur, zoals je schrijft. maar ook met mijn handen bezig zijn. voelt goed. xx.

rachel, indeed, learning makes us grow. i do not know that saying though, jane of all trades, what does it imply? ♥

barbara, hahaha, yes, it might be very entertaining to see me as a carpenter, more entertaining than inspiring i guess. :)

demie, yes it is. i am so grateful for these new experiences and opportunities. and to work with my hands for a change....

annika, du är RAR! tack, tack, tack!

iris,ja het is eigenlijk heel erg leuk. vooral de variatie. en met mijn handen te werken.

yaelian, en wannabe snickare, hahah!

outi, isn't that amazing? and i still often get comments on when i say i am going to work. 'what do you mean, dancing?' YES! it is my work god damn it!!!
hahaha! oh well... actually today i thought about maybe learning it seriously, to become a carpenter...

anki, ja is ook zo. en heel inspireerend om naast mensen te werken die prachtige dingen met hout maken.

evelina, åh vad trist! blir så trött på sånt dä vi kämpar på.. kramar

julia, the goats do have a very intense smell, especially the male one! and lets hope for some more money for the arts, even though i doubt it will happen anytime soon. ♥

ariane, that sounds so great, to have goats at school. do they milk them too? i find it very amusing when they start eating your clothes and bags and whatever they can reach- :) love.

fru a, kanske det, kanske?!

outi said...

yes i know! and often people ask me what do i do during the days? cause obviously, actors just go for the shows in the evenings, and that´s it.. oh well;)

lamediterrània said...

I can smell it from here...wood!
How cozy and warm.
Probably I'll have to sculpt on wood next year in university, and I can't wait for it.
And yes, ironically so many times artists earn half the salary of any other without studies. I can see that specially in music and dancing. Here, the musician career is 14 years long and all of my teachears have to work full time and in different places and they don't earn much.
And to people our education is considered as an inferior degree compared with university studies.
But well, you know, if that's what we like... I'm sure that I can be happier playing or you dancing than anyone working for a big company and earning lots of money every month.

Theresa said...

I love woodworking.

Julia said...

Fina fina du. Ville jag bara säga.

sarapirat said...

outi,hahhhaa, yeah i have had that one too! :)

lamedi, you are so right and of course, there is no other way we would do it. if it wasn't from the need, the love and the passion for the expression or art or however you choose to call it.
sculpting with wood sounds very interesting, what are you studying?

theresa, me too, i start to realize!

julia, du är rar...igen!