Friday, March 25, 2011

little miss granny

_MG_0827 _MG_8247_MG_0815 

the other day a friend of mine told me i dress like a grandmother. and a few days later another one told me that being twenty nine, about to hit thirty, i am practically a soon-to-become-granny.

gee, i had no clue it was that easy! i always thought that i had to get kids who would get their own kids and only then would i be classified a granny. no, i was all wrong, apparently it is enough to wear knitted sweaters, being at the end of your twenties and having a small/big obsession for all those granny-details. good to know.

p.s picture nr 1 and 3 are typical granny-details, found in a home of a real granny. picture nr 2 is from my sisters kitchen, a collection of textiles, plenty of them made by our granny.


Yaelian said...

Jag har träffat dig 2 gånger och tycker nog att du definitivt inte klär dig som en granny;D

annika said...

Kanske din klokhet kommer ut som granny-aura? Och snällhet? För det förknippar jag med en granny. Kram!

Iris said...

Ik ben ook bijna een oma: ik wil een dekentje op de bank, van oude spulletjes en ik drink graag port. ;)

(Met wat voor camer fotografeer jij?)

barbarabeesblog said...

Dear old granny you might like old things and have the wisdom of a 100 year old, but you still have a young heart!

outi said...

hahaa! S. is always teasing me about my "granny-look". i must like some granny things, what ever that is then.. and i told him that he shall wait until i´m a Real Granny, and then i´m going to dress like a teenie;)

jasmin said...

I have a bit of a nan-taste thing going too i think. Hard to reconcile that with the showgirl in me though.
Gypsy Grannies!
Is the post before about your grandmother...... oooh.

And your desert post - like a small indie film in words.
i love it all.
I've had a love fest for you this morning sara - can you feel it?

sarapirat said...

yaelian, inte? tredje gången gillt kanske? på radio rusco!

annika, du är rar! en sån granny vill jag vara när det beger sig. kram

iris, oh ik drink ook graag port, vooral in nederland! en ik heb een canon eos 30d.

barbara, nice that you are back! and thanks for this lovely comment. young at heart, lets hope we can keep it this way!

outi, perhaps this is what will happen? we are living are lives on reverse?

jasmin, oh i love this, gypsie grannies. i guess that's the club! and a love fest, that sounds great, can i join? for a fika?
the post is about a close friend of mine from rotterdam. she is not my granny but i realize we look alike on this picture. xxx.

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

Dat haakwerk is echt prachtig, wat een mooie kleuren dat je gebruikt !

sarapirat said...

hermine, welkom! de haakwerk is van mijn oma gemakt! ik wil ook... :)