Wednesday, December 22, 2010

two more

_MG_7055 _MG_7057

jasmin, this was my little tea moment the other day. i left the plate with the peel standing, my room smelled sweet like passion fruit and the ants were very happy. the morning coffee routine has gone lost and i drink buckets of earl grey with milk instead.

two more days. i decided to take a holiday next week, now that i have the option *which we usually wouldn’t*. i ignore my economical situation, life is too precious to make decisions only based on the fear of being broke, right? or the fear of anything for that matter.


Elisabeth said...

Right. No fear. Vi lever istället. Och jag läser din text om döden en gång till, den är lika bra idag.

annika said...

Rätt. Rädslan är motsatsen till kärlek. VI får ösa ut det ena för att få in det andra. Krambästapirat!

jasmin said...

sara - you are a gorgeous girl. And you know one of my most favourite foods on this planet are PASSIONFRUITS. I can smell yours from here. Since I was a child my parents, friends, lovers, have all bought me boxes of them - because I can't stop at just a few.
(thanks for the little link - I'm going to add yours to my tea post now :)

hanna-happenings said...

Du skriver så klokt!

God Jul på riktigt, det finns SNÖ här så det räcker till Dig, jag sparar lite.

sarapirat said...

elisabeth, vi lever istället. så gott det går... vilken komplimang för mig som har svårt med orden. kram

annika, precis så. svårt ibland. men vi fortsätter försöka. kram

jasmin, ♥ i love them too, and here they are growing everywhere. i was amazed of how strongly it smelled even after i devoured it...

hanna, tack hanna! och god jul, jag kommer och smakar på snön nästa vecka! kram