Sunday, March 15, 2009


# we are in bonn at the moment

#the weather is apparantely quite springy.

#i had a mini vacation in düsseldorf with sophia. amazing how one and a half day can feel so long (but not in the boring way)

#i had nightmares about helicopters and poisoned water

#tonight we have an early performance, bliss, which means more time to spend with friends from here.

#tomorrow another day in the bus.

#i started to read 'norwegian wood' by murakami. he caught me on the 2nd page.

#talking about murakami, düsseldorf has the biggest japanese colony in germany. so yesterday i went shopping japanese books for yuko. that is what i call choosing a book by its cover, i had no clue obviously what i was looking at, until i asked a very shy and polite japanese guy to recommend me something.

#i bought myself very silly heartshaped sunglasses.

#and last but not least; MY FAMILY IS COMING FOR A VISIT WHEN I COME BACK! this made my day!!!


Anonymous said...

Over Murakami,ligt er in mijn boekenkast de olifant verdwijnt op me te wachten. Hi, hi. Gewoon te veel boeken. Nee, die kan je nooit genoeg hebben. Ik heb net 2 uur staan koken:paddosaus voor pasta en een appelcake. Het huis ruikt heerlijk daardoor. Liefs Els

Yaelian said...

Trevligt att höra hur det går på turnen.

Fru A said...

men inte jag... :( fina brillor!

sarapirat said...

els, ik zou heel graag dat avondeten samen met jou willen smaken...liefs,s

yaelian, hur är det i israel? varmt? lungt?

fru a, nej inte du, när kommer du då???

Yaelian said...

Tämligen lungt och perfekt väder just nu;inte för varmt och inte heller för kallt.

fröken L said...

Min också!!! Längtar!!!