Wednesday, March 4, 2009


we have a few more days left 'at home' before going on a three week long tour.
three. weeks. is. a. long. time.
and we've had some very difficult tours in the past. so the company is a bit anxious about how it will be. me, personally, i have been kind of avoiding the fact that the tour is slowly, slowly coming closer. but yesterday we got our schedule. and at the same time a never ending speech from our boss about the challenge of touring, and how he'd like to see us dealing with problems on tour.

it is hard to explain to people that touring is actually not peaches and cream. who would not be happy to travel when getting payed to do so? however, it is not that easy...
but rather than going into those less pleasant details right now, i will focus on the positive:

*meeting friends from europe.

*having a kiba "kirsch banan" drink in germany.

*distance from the daily life here, and all the great things that can bring.

*eating out in italy. drinking coffee in italy. buying parmesan in italy. eating ice cream in italy. (no news that food play a big part in my life)

*having the time to read plenty of books.

now, i will start packing!


tingeling said...

har aldrig varit på riktig tour men det där med mat och italien låter som rena drömmen. hoppas det går bra och att du uppdaterar under resans gång.

Anonymous said... the way, would be nice if you would let me know the name of the theatre that you are performing in at bonn, so i can arrange a ticket.**anonymous ;)

sarapirat said...

ja, jag tar med mig dator och hoppas på trådlöst. hur ska jag annars klara mig i tre veckor??

im trying to get you tickets already. i will speak with you tonight i hope