Friday, September 6, 2013

work and pleasure


doing mud plastering with two beautiful friends. they make me laugh so much.


Anikó said...

mud plastering sounds like fun! enjoy the weekend x

Jael said...

Det låter jättekul,någonting som jag skulle gärnä och vilja lära mig.
Ha en bra veckoslut Sara och en stor kram åt dig:)

querido diário said...

They have strong face traces :)

Katie Yang said...

Such beautiful faces - makes me miss my friends! :)

annton beate Schmidt said...

those friends of you are so incredibly beautiful, I like to paint them instantly!

sarapirat said...

aniko, it is! and a lovely material to work with.

jael, rekommenderas varmt! :)

sara, yes, and they are strong women.

katie, where are you friends?

annton, aren't they?!