Monday, September 23, 2013

the things I do


those intense days again~ waking up before sunrise, snoozing, drinking blueberry tea, meditation, oh that meditation, and either rushing to pluck figs or milking/herding goats, then building and creating the village kindergarten in two mongolian yurts, and writing a few long emails,trying out new recipes, making some phone calls, boiling some jam, preparing classes, remembering to take those B12 pills, writing receipts, thinking some, and day dreaming, and catching myself getting carried away and bringing myself back to here and now, to whatever that might be again, folding the dough of some rye bread, dancing, mixing mud in the concrete mixer, having a beer to cool down…and time goes by. and each day ends and a new one starts.

like my teacher said, we got to carry and hold ourselves in love. that inspired me….


Jael said...

Du har ju varit duktig:)Fikonsylt,mums:) Var det i Klil du är? Min grannes son bor där ...

Anonymous said...

this confirms it...your life is lovely. I feel dull in comparison. :)

I love that quote as's very powerful. I will say it again and again during my quiet time in the morning. Hope it carries you along far. xo

Seraphina Theresa said...

hard questions for me, because the situation i'm living in isn't easy.
what about you? (:

annika said...

Låter som underbara dagar. Ibland så skriver du dig rakt in i hjärtat på mig. Just idag. Stor kram!

Patrice A. said...

mooie zin!
en jouw leven is zo anders
dan het mijne
je foto's weer prachtig
doen verlangen naar meer
en je woorden.... ik zou naast je willen staan
deeg, jam, cement maken
en tussendoor leer je me dansen
Patrice A.

en je zelfportretten!
zo, zo mooi!!!!

till-vidas-ara said...

väldigt mycket liv. ååh vad jag önskar ibland. börjar drömma om att resa. typ bara jag, och en vän. undrar när man någonsin ska få tid..

kramar lycke

outi said...

oh wow, sounds great great!! your days:)
and a kindergarden in a yurt, that would be a dream!

hmmm, my things i do at the moment are a bit different.. we just came back home. i´m mostly trying to adapt myself into this totally different clima here. suddenly so cold, brrr...

querido diário said...

that is beautiful phrase :)

sarapirat said...

ouf guys, all my comments where gone after typing them. my fault probably! but just leaving a word saying i read and hear you, and thank you all for your moments here!

burntfeather said...

Ahh what a very interesting life :)

I was deficient in B12 for a long time and could sleep the days away! Not fun, hope your body is doing okay, sounds like your feeding it amazing things :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i love your time going by, jam packed. you have a good rhythm, sara, and don't you forget it.